Neil Levin

General Manager AU & NZ

With over 20 years General Manager, B2B sales, operations, asset management & business development experience, I am a results and quality focused multi-site leader obtaining top quality performance and dedication from staff & colleagues. I have a successful track record of building and motivating high performance teams, a strong eye for detail, and am conscientious and proactive with sound project management skills.

I am always focused on the “bigger picture” with a strong commitment to margin growth and improving the bottom-line, with proven expertise in technology/IT hardware businesses, capturing market share in highly competitive and mature industries, contract negotiation & successful tender submissions.

Specialties: technology solutions, asset management, procurement, business relationship development, strategy and loyalty. Understanding real business needs & offering efficient solutions across a broad range of industries. Staff motivation, coaching & retention. General Manager Operations, General Manager Sales, CEO.

Posts by Neil Levin

Ipads can improve business efficiency
iPads can Improve Business Efficiency, Productivity and Communication in 2023. Here’s how

In recent years, Apple iPads have proven themselves to be a great means to improve business efficiency. Their unique features… Read More

The perfect projector set up for your next event - hire intelligence
The Perfect Projector Setup for your Next Event

Setting up an impactful event for your guests can be complicated. Ensuring you make it as memorable as possible may… Read More

Launch a new product with the perfect launch event - hire intelligence au
How to Launch a New Product with the Perfect Launch Event

Launch events are still a great way to introduce your latest product—despite the fact that the process of launching a… Read More

Hybrid work environment for your employees - hire intelligence au
How do you Create Ideal Hybrid Work Environment for your Employees?

Offering a hybrid work environment is quickly becoming the new norm in many industries. Introducing this balance of working in-office… Read More

Audience engagement in events - hire intelligence au
6 Benefits of Digital Signage Hire for Events

Table of Content :  Benefits of Digital Signage Hire for Events Visibility More engaging Flexibility Able to communicate more information… Read More

Ipad or laptop for business - hire intelligence
Should you use iPads or Laptops for your Business?

Technology is constantly evolving to become even more convenient for people. Business owners that allow their company to evolve with… Read More

Benefits of renting av equipment - hire intelligence
The Benefits of Renting AV Equipment

No matter what type of event you’re planning, there’s no doubt you’ll want everything to run smoothly and within budget.… Read More

Best event technology for rent - hire intelligence
The BEST event technology you should be using

Events are evolving and changing, but their core principle is pretty much the same: to spread brand awareness, drive revenue,… Read More

Ipad or laptop for business - hire intelligence
4 Ways to Leverage Business-Friendly iPad Features in iOS 15

Introduction: Apple’s iPad, coupled with the power of iOS 15, continues to be a game-changer for professionals on the move.… Read More

Want to make your exhibition stand out here's how - hire intelligence
Want to make your exhibition stand out? Here’s how

Trade shows and exhibitions are great ways to spread awareness for your business. They allow your brand to reach future… Read More

Business presentation - laptops vs ipads vs hybrid
iPads vs Laptops vs Hybrids – Which Device is Best for Your Business?

  Modern advancements in technology mean running your business effectively has become easier than ever. Activities that were once inefficient… Read More

Giant itab
Bring Your Space to Life With a Giant Tablet Rental

Large display screens make a great visual impact. Tablets like the iPad are packed with cool features and are easy… Read More

Rent the foto atm
Foto ATM – The Ultimate Digital Photo Booth for Your Next Event

The world of photo printing has definitely changed thanks to the arrival of the Foto ATM. This is a digital… Read More

Interactive technology
6 Ways Interactive Technology Helps Your Business Shine

Regardless of your sector, business model or objectives, interactive technology helps modern organisations with their operations, teamwork, and sales and… Read More

Samsung video wall display
Samsung Video Wall Displays Can Engage Your Target Audience

It’s hard to look past Samsung video wall displays for serious visual impact – and not just because they’re massive!… Read More

Multimedia message sending
Multimedia Message Sending with Modern Business Tech

Across most industries, it’s increasingly commonplace for brands, organisations and individuals to communicate with customers, colleagues and other stakeholders via… Read More

Exhibition stand ideas
5 Exhibition Stand Ideas to Help Engage Potential Customers

If you’re investing significant time, money and human resources in showcasing your brand at a trade show, you want to… Read More

Interactive samsung touch monitor
Collaborate in Style with an Interactive Samsung Touch Monitor

Are you looking to make a real impact with your presentation? Or do you want to collaborate more effectively with… Read More

Product launch
7 Strategies for a Successful Product Launch

Want your new product to make an immediate impact on the market? It’s essential to engage prospective customers, business affiliates,… Read More

Big imac
Solve Big Computing Challenges with a Powerful Workstation

Solving big computing challenges calls for some major processing power. While the hardware itself doesn’t have to be large, it… Read More

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