Bring Your Space to Life With a Giant Tablet Rental

Giant itab

Large display screens make a great visual impact. Tablets like the iPad are packed with cool features and are easy to use. So, what happens when you combine these two popular technologies into a single device such as the Giant iTab? You get a superb giant tablet designed to bring any business or event space to life.

Bring your space to life with a giant tablet rental

There’s something about a giant tablet. It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s bursting with built-in software, custom applications and familiar functionality. From the moment it catches a person’s eye upon arrival at the venue, this clever hybrid innovation adds new layers to the entire experience in most commercial environments.

Whether you’re running a special business event or setting up a designated area to promote your brand, incorporating a giant tablet into your technology setup makes it possible to engage with a higher number of attendees. On one hand, you cannot miss its physical presence; on the other hand, this equipment is also notable for its flexibility and convenience. Renting a giant tablet with a screen up to 55 inches means creating a true interactive experience on an extra-large layout, yet still maintaining the advanced controls similar to the ones people use regularly on their personal devices.

This all sounds quite impressive. However, what are some typical use cases for giant tablets? One of the best ways to deploy this tech, for instance, is to make it your front-of-house digital reception for attendees to register, sign in and access electronic venue maps or event itineraries. In addition to speeding up the whole process during a peak period, this tech-based approach to event management aligns well with a contemporary organisation’s efforts to stand out from its competitors.

Once fully inside the venue, guests and visitors will appreciate the installation of giant tablets for a variety of purposes. These include browsing product galleries, watching demo videos, searching for specific company/event info, communicating with the brand’s social media accounts, or entering digital competitions. From the company’s perspective, your giant tablet rental lets you showcase multimedia content and messages, demonstrate your latest VR software rendering, and almost anything in between.


So, you’ve decided to hire an oversized tablet to achieve any or all of the above. If so, it’s hard to look past the Giant iTab, which is available in 27-, 42- and 55-inch models. It features a projective-capacitive touch screen that’s identical to leading smartphone and tablet interfaces. The Giant iTab feels tailor-made for engaging a broad audience.

Of course, you can use the Giant iTab as an external display for a connected smartphone or tablet. However, the web-connected device is also capable of full interactivity and so much more. If an application is available through Google Play Store or the Microsoft Store, it’s compatible with the Giant iTab. Importantly, controls and display responses on this device are instantaneous for ultra-smooth operation.

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