Solve Big Computing Challenges with a Powerful Workstation

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Solving big computing challenges calls for some major processing power. While the hardware itself doesn’t have to be large, it certainly needs to pack a punch. Let’s take a closer look at what you can achieve with a quality workstation rental.


To begin, ask yourself what kind of computing challenges you’re looking to solve and how urgently this needs to happen. Acknowledging the scale and time sensitivity of the problem should help you create a realistic plan within your budget. One seriously powerful workstation might be able to handle the whole job; then again, it might not. If multiple workstations will be required to reach your targets, it’s probably worth hiring all this equipment at the very start of the process.

There are some very good reasons to choose a workstation over a desktop computer. Firstly, the latter simply can’t offer a comparable level of capability. Sure, business PCs deal with most everyday work tasks easily, like internet use, email, word processing, social media marketing, internal collaboration and more. However, big computing challenges are a very different beast. For more complex, intensive applications such as video editing, animation, data analysis, 3D product, rendering or computer-aided design (CAD), a workstation could be the only solution.

Another advantage of a workstation is its ability to perform heavy-duty tasks day in, day out for as long as it takes to complete the project – without risk of the equipment slowing down or even failing under the immense strain. The more demanding the application, the more important the core specs including CPU, RAM and storage.


So, you’ve committed to the idea of hiring a powerful workstation to solve your big computing challenges. Now it’s time to do your research and select the ideal hardware with a robust operating system and plenty of extra features. Do you need multiple physical CPUs (central processing units) with multiple cores? What about support for additional RAM or additional hard drives / solid state drives (SSD)? An expanded small form factor (SSF) or tower computer is a ready-made solution.

One potential option is the Dell Precision T7920 28 Core Professional Workstation. It features a pair of powerful Intel Xeon Gold 5120 CPUs, each with 14 processing cores. You can use it for the most high-end computing or design applications. Alternatively, the Apple iMac Pro 27″ 14 Core Xeon Workstation features an extremely powerful 14 core Xeon CPU and a 1TB high performance SSD enabling smooth and rapid data transfers.

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