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4 Ways to Make the Most of Business Friendly iPad Features in iOS 11

iOS 11Apple’s iPad is incredibly useful when you’re working on the move. And iOS 11 has added a few extra features to help you get things done…

1. Access your Files

On a desktop computer, you store your documents in folders that are easy to access. This makes it easy to organise your files and search through them. iPads don’t work this way. Instead, your documents are spread across different apps. But Apple’s new Files app gives you a central place to search for documents across a range of storage apps.

The Files app can connect to iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and others. This way, you can easily search across them all for a specific document. You can also tag files with topics or colours so they’re easier to find.

Clicking on a document in Files opens it in its native app so you can start working on it. You can also share iCloud documents with your colleagues from within the Files app.

2. Multi-task

iOS11 running on an iPad introduces a pop-up dock similar to MacOS. You can call it up in compatible apps by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. If you continue swiping up, the Control Centre will still appear as normal.

The new iPad dock makes it easy to switch between four different apps. Plus, you can use split-screen mode so you can work on apps side by side. Like on the Mac, you can drag a file onto an app in the dock. Alternatively, you can call up a list of an app’s most recently used files.

3. Customise the Control Centre

The ability to change which features appear in the Control Centre is a time saver. It ensures the options you need the most are always at your fingertips.

You can dip into the Settings, Control Centre, Customise menu to add and remove options. Handy options include Do Not Disturb While Driving, setting Alarms, creating Notes and enabling Low Power Mode.

You can also press and hold segments of the Control Centre to call up more options. For example, by default the networking section displays shortcuts for Aeroplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Mobile Data and Bluetooth. However, if you hold your finger down it will open a larger window that also offers easy access to AirDrop and Personal Hotspot.

4. Flick keys for extra characters

Apple has also improved the iPad’s keyboard. The QuickType keyboard lets you flick down on keys to call up other characters. To do so, you need to enable Key Flicks under the keyboard settings.

With Key Flicks enabled, you can press a letter in the top row, such as ‘Q’, and then flick down to call up the number ‘1’ rather than reaching for the Shift key. The other rows of letters give you quick access to common punctuation characters. It lets you bash out quick messages faster than ever.

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