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Events are evolving and changing, but their core principle is pretty much the same: to spread brand awareness, drive revenue, engage and even build communities.

How can you utilise the latest and best event technology to make your event the best it can be? How can you navigate the changing nature of events? Here’s some of the best event technology you should be using to boost your events and engage your guests.

Streamline event check-in with mobile signup kiosks

An overly complicated check-in process can turn people away. Gone should be the days when potential attendees need to fill out a large form and print out their tickets. The attendee experience can be largely determined by how good or bad the check-in process is. Nobody wants to be standing in a queue for an unreasonable amount of time. Essentially, the easier and faster it is, the better.

How are mobile signup kiosks beneficial?

With smart event planning, the signup process can be streamlined and optimised to make it as easy as possible. Event venues should utilise mobile event registration kiosks, as they offer a contactless and stress-free way of checking attendees in.

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Keep a clear line of communication between team members

Mobile signup kiosks - hire intelligence

Events naturally hold a lot of people, and with a lot of people, some things can get out of hand, or not go according to plan. With the extra influx of people, team members may not be able to reach other members in a reasonable time. Lightweight headsets are perfect for this, as they’re unobtrusive and easy to use. They come with a replaceable earpiece to ensure hygiene for the user, as well as a clear speaker and microphone.

How are headsets beneficial?

With a lot of people around, clear communication is key to running an event smoothly. There are many tools to utilise for the attendee’s benefit, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be for venue team members.

Utilise mobile event apps

Mobile apps have come a long way, in terms of the latest event technology. They have become increasingly popular and used across the world, and for good reason.

How are mobile apps beneficial?

Apps can be designed to make the event attendee’s experience better. With push notifications, info tabs, and floor maps, people can get the information they need when they want it. For example, if there’s a guest speaker, or live demo happening, a ping can be sent out to those that are interested, and they can bring up a map to show them the direction they need to head in. This will save them the hassle of getting lost and being late or missing something they’re interested in.

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Embrace sustainability

People value sustainability, and we’re seeing more and more events embrace this to ensure they’re not having a detrimental impact on the environment.

One initiative is to do away with the printed event guides and replace it with a virtual solution that is not only easier for attendees to use, but also helps them find the information they need more readily. Using event technology like a giant iTab can be a great way to do this – essentially a 43-inch giant smartphone that can be strategically placed around the venue for exhibitors and visitors to access event guide information, no printing required!

With the use of QR codes, attendees can also download the event mobile app to their own devices from the top of these giant smartphones, making things even more convenient for them.

How is this technology beneficial?

Giant smartphones give visitors that same interactive experience, but on a giant scale, making it easier for them to access all event information including exhibitor lists, floor plans, seminar, sponsor and speaker information – it’s all at their fingertips.

It also provides the perfect solution for increasing adoption of the event website – it delivers a better visitor experience, gets exhibitors and sponsors more exposure, and additionally provides a greener alternative to the traditioanl printed event guides.

Immerse visitors in virtual reality

Event venues that showcase new technology are always popular. Event attendees are always looking for new and exciting things. A wonderful emerging technology is virtual reality, which very well may see more usage by professionals in a number of fields in the future.

How is virtual reality beneficial?

Virtual reality and augmented reality offer 360-degree movement and freedom for users to immerse themselves in a visually interactive experience. VR is becoming more than just a buzzword as it’s becoming accessible to a wider audience, meaning that better technologies and innovations come from it. VR and AR are seeing rises in many different industries including medical, architectural, military and of course gaming. Utilising emerging technologies such as virtual reality is a surefire way to leave a lasting impression on people. Luckily, VR rental is easy.

Virtual reality benfits - hire intelligence australia

Gamify your event

Whilst people love to see and experience exciting new technologies and experiences, they also love a game. There are many different kinds of games you can try. Simple trivia is always a hit, but if you want to be more creative, don’t be afraid to go for it! Incorporate the game into your event app; perhaps there are little easter eggs and secrets scattered around, and users need to count them, or find them. Or perhaps run a video game competition, and set up some gaming laptops for a good old LAN party so they can test their aim or racing abilities.

How is gamification beneficial?

Entertaining your attendees with a little friendly game-like competition boosts engagement and brand recognition. A great way to entice them to join is by offering a great prize, food, money, or even a product relating to your company.

Gamification beneficial - hire intelligence

Livestream to reach a larger audience

Livestreaming is a popular event technology trend at the moment that lets more people participate in the event. They turn in-person events into hybrid events that allow everyone to participate in some capacity.

How are live streams beneficial?

The modern age is all about making anything and everything more accessible. Those that can’t attend an event may still be interested in what’s on offer. So why not make it a live event? Event platforms are all about reaching as many people as possible.

This kind of showcasing of events isn’t anything new, but the technology itself is. Think of it like typical broadcast TV events – they offer coverage for those at home to have a little look inside. A key benefit to live streaming is that viewers can participate in their own way. Use breakout rooms, Q&A sessions and even games through live streams. Camera hire can help you out with this!

Live streams beneficial - hire intelligence

In need of eEent Technology?

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