Samsung Video Wall Displays Can Engage Your Target Audience

Samsung video wall display

It’s hard to look past Samsung video wall displays for serious visual impact – and not just because they’re massive!

Samsung is one of the world’s leading technology brands, and it makes robust, high-quality video walls. With a Samsung wall, you can display your multimedia content clearly and better engage a large target audience.

There is a range of Samsung video wall displays available at Hire Intelligence. We aim to provide you with the ultimate flexibility to enhance your open business space, whether it’s an exhibition stand, presentation stage, promotional display or training room.

Consider two popular rental options: the 165-inch 3×3 Semi Seamless Samsung Video Wall and the 110-inch 2×2 Semi Seamless Video Wall.

Firstly, let’s discuss the 165-inch version. It measures over 3.6m wide by 2m high in operation; and it comprises nine Samsung UE55 Series 55” panels in a 3×3 configuration. It makes an immediate impact. This is the kind of digital display people simply can’t miss. Add the combination of Full HD 1920×1080 resolution with double integrated 10W full range speakers and you’ve got one outstanding video wall solution.

Secondly, the 110-inch TV screen comprises four Samsung UE55 Series 55” panels in a 2×2 configuration. It’s at the smaller end of the scale, but is nonetheless impressive in its own right. Indeed, it features everything you need for a classy free-standing or wall-mounted application within less spacious areas.

There is a modest 11mm bezel between displays, and built-in bezel compensation allows the overall picture to be undistorted. Unquestionably, Samsung video wall displays deliver an effective audio-visual experience that will do your brand or campaign justice.


Want to go even bigger and better? You’re in luck. Thanks to the extraordinary Samsung Custom Video Wall, there’s practically no limit to the display scales and unique configurations you’re able to achieve. However many horizontal rows and vertical columns of Samsung’s UE55 Series 55″ panels are required for the application, the Hire Intelligence team can help make it happen.

The size potential speaks for itself, but the overall performance also will not disappoint. Using the inbuilt daisy-chain video wall functionality, the content provided must be 1920×1080 pixels formatted to the aspect ratio of the assembled video wall. Wish to further boost the visual effect? Simply employ a dedicated, multi GPU to utilise the total resolution of the combined displays.

And if clarity is everything, check out the stunning content reproduction of the Samsung UH55F-E 4K/UltraHD Ultra Narrow Bezel Video Wall, which offers 4K output on display arrangements of up to 5×5 of the 55″ panels. The ultra-narrow bezel of the UH55F-E Video Wall Panel measures only 1.7mm between displays. Undoubtedly, this Samsung solution is designed with wow factor in mind.

Contact Hire Intelligence to ask how Samsung video wall displays can help your brand engage its audience.

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