Neil Levin

General Manager AU & NZ

With over 20 years General Manager, B2B sales, operations, asset management & business development experience, I am a results and quality focused multi-site leader obtaining top quality performance and dedication from staff & colleagues. I have a successful track record of building and motivating high performance teams, a strong eye for detail, and am conscientious and proactive with sound project management skills.

I am always focused on the “bigger picture” with a strong commitment to margin growth and improving the bottom-line, with proven expertise in technology/IT hardware businesses, capturing market share in highly competitive and mature industries, contract negotiation & successful tender submissions.

Specialties: technology solutions, asset management, procurement, business relationship development, strategy and loyalty. Understanding real business needs & offering efficient solutions across a broad range of industries. Staff motivation, coaching & retention. General Manager Operations, General Manager Sales, CEO.

Posts by Neil Levin

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