iPads vs Laptops vs Hybrids – Which Device is Best for Your Business?

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Modern advancements in technology mean running your business effectively has become easier than ever. Activities that were once inefficient and costly, are now much more widely accessible. Great innovation is now readily available in laptops, tablets and hybrid devices.

The Apple iPads vs Laptops vs Hybrids debate is constantly flipping back and forth, but depending on your business, it is likely more important to you that your business runs effectively and your employees are happy than simply following the latest trends.

This is why it is important to first consider why you want to adopt one of these devices. Will it be used for word processing? Taken on external job sites? Solely for personal use? Maybe all of the above. Whatever it is, it’s important to know the key differences between them and what you want to gain by introducing these devices into your workplace or home.

Here’s our breakdown of the pros and cons of laptops vs iPads vs hybrid devices for your business or personal needs.

Laptops for Buisness

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The classic personal word processing device that most people will have considered investing in. The laptop set one of the most impactful benchmarks for advancements in computing when it came on the market, and it still continues to help transform the way we work with their newest features.


  • External keyboards– Having a convenient physical keyboard for typing can be invaluable. If you want a device for word processing on a daily basis and are trying to decide between an iPad vs laptop, a laptop is likely going to be the best option in this regard.
  • Big laptop screen– One of the best laptop features is that they have the advantage of a larger screen size.
  • Multiple USB ports, memory card readers, and ethernet cable port built in– This is a great built-in feature that is unique to laptops.


  • Price point– These devices are well known for being set at higher price points, especially since laptops tend to have the latest features, bigger storage and stronger processing power.
  • Maintenance and repair– Technical maintenance of laptops can be expensive and complex.

Tablets for Business 

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In the great iPad vs laptop debate, these touchscreen devices definitely have great features that can’t be found elsewhere.


  • Great battery life– These devices beat the competition on battery life with most able to last around 8-10 hours before they need recharging, and they even include a low power consumption mode.
  • Lightweight and portable– From your local café to a busy job site, these super portable devices, such as the Apple iPad air, can easily fit into a bag and be taken wherever you need them to go.
  • High resolution front and back cameras– This is one of the best tablet features and is a good choice if your job—or personal life—requires you to take clear, high resolution photos while you’re out and about.


  • Limited storage capacity– Additional storage space can be bought but at an added expense. If you plan on taking up plenty of storage while you have the device, it is recommended to consider a laptop or hybrid device that will come with plenty of more space built in.
  • Lower performing processors– Just like a laptop computer isn’t quite as powerful as a desktop computer, a tablet isn’t as powerful as a laptop. If you require your device to efficiently multitask, this device isn’t for you.
  • Helpful accessories can be expensive– Apple’s tablet and android tablets can be used for word processing with their pop-up, touchscreen keyboard, but these can be difficult to use if your main task is word processing. Detachable or Bluetooth keyboards can be purchased but often sit at a high price point that may not be within your budget. This also goes for portable storage devices, Apple’s magic keyboard and tablet pens such as the Apple pencil.

Hybrid devices

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These 2-in-1 devices combine all the features of a laptop vs iPad in a modern, innovative design.


  • Keyboard– Hybrid devices have built in keyboards that are great for long periods of typing and don’t require you to carry around a clunky external keyboard.
  • Flexibility– Users have multiple ways to control the navigation function through both trackpad and touchscreen capabilities. In this way, hybrid devices effectively end the laptop vs iPad debate. Oftentimes, the keyboard even flips back or detaches so the device can be held much like a tablet to get the most out of these features.
  • Faster processor– Like traditional laptops, they have enough power to enable efficient multitasking and can run multiple programs at once without compromising on productivity.


  • Price point—Having the greatest features from both laptops and tablets meshed into one device comes at a high price point. Despite saving money on purchasing a second device, they’re still not very friendly on the back pocket. They tend to sit in a similar price point to high-end laptops, making tablets the most affordable option across the board.
  • Limited options– Due to them being the newest to enter the market of the three, there are not quite as many hybrid device options to choose from. Also many of them still only run on a Windows or Chrome operating system.

Still unsure which device you should get?

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Every business should account for cost, usage and purpose. Think about which device is better for your budget and would best serve what you and your staff need to complete tasks more efficiently. If you’re still unsure, Hire Intelligence is here to help with great laptop rental and iPad hire solutions to suit any customer needs. Reach out to our friendly team today to hear more about how our service can help you.


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