Foto ATM – The Ultimate Digital Photo Booth for Your Next Event

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The world of photo printing has definitely changed thanks to the arrival of the Foto ATM. This is a digital photo booth and instant printing kiosk that combines selfies, social media and smartphone integration.

Foto atm – the ultimate digital photo booth for your next event

Hiring this fun crowd engagement tool for your next event is a great way to boost the vibe and energy in the room, drive traffic to your social media activities and ultimately increase revenue. And since the latest model of Foto ATM features green screen functionality and text messaging capability, attendees now have even more options for creating and sharing photos throughout the event.

How does Foto ATM make all this possible? Guests and customers can pay to print watermark-branded photos directly from either their smartphone, your event’s Instagram and Twitter feeds using custom social media hashtags, or the digital photo booth’s integrated high resolution camera. Through the 47-inch touch screen display and navigation, anyone can print photo strips, polaroid style prints and postcard prints. Printing is rapid, too! Thanks to the integrated dye-sublimation photo printer, it takes just 13 seconds to create a 4×6-inch print. It’s all part of providing a dynamic experience at your event or venue to capture the crowd’s interest.


Foto ATM is also a clever profit-making and promotional device for your brand. While attendees enjoy the novelty factor, you’ll reap the rewards. The digital photo booth features an optional credit card reader / bill acceptor; accepts payments from Apple Pay and Google Pay for Android; and lets you set different pricings for each feature including mobile prints, hashtag prints and digital copies. Furthermore, the dashboard makes it easy to manage ads, monitor activity and sales, capture email addresses, and customise your hashtags and URLs for photo uploads.

Along with logo placements on photo strips and photo cards, your brand also benefits from video and visual marketing possibilities. When the touch screen is not being used, Foto ATM functions as large scale digital signage for advertising slideshows or displaying other content like menus, hotel info, concert posters, bar specials and a whole lot more. Whatever the sector, whatever the objectives, people’s happy snaps and your interactive marketing campaigns now come together in one clever piece of technology.

The 100kg Foto ATM comes in a compact 700 by 700 by 1900mm form factor. It’s a sleek, contemporary design that makes an immediate impact and impresses your guests without taking over the space. The plug-and-play digital photo booth is also incredibly simple to set up, use and move around on its castor wheels. In fact, you can place it just about anywhere, anytime.

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