Should you use iPads or Laptops for your Business?

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Technology is constantly evolving to become even more convenient for people. Business owners that allow their company to evolve with the times means they can work at their best and most efficient. Utilising an iPad or laptop for business is a great way to do just that.
Incorporating Apple iPads or laptops for your company is a brilliant way to grow and stay up to date with your clients.

A new Apple iPad and laptop have the capabilities to do most of the same things, however they both have their unique selling points that can make each a vastly different choice for your business. This is why it is important to consider your needs and goals before you make a decision between the two.

Benefits of Laptops

Laptops are constantly evolving to incorporate handy new features that can make using them for your business easy, while still staying true to their most useful properties.

Processing power

Laptops generally have a lot more processing power than iPads—and this gap widens if you’re looking for a laptop at the higher quality end. Due to better operating systems, they are completely comfortable with high-speed multi app usage and graphics, which could be important depending on your business needs.

Their quick functioning means you can more easily multitask and run more complex software without any limits on its capabilities.


If your main reason for wanting laptops or iPads in your business is for being able to type a lot, the clear winner would be a laptop. As an external keyboard is such a prominent part of a laptop, many modern laptops have very clever keyboards, perfectly suited to making typing as easy as possible. The larger screen size also makes a laptop the best option for typing, with some modern models also utilising touchscreen to compliment the keyboard.

You can buy accessories such as an external keyboard, or ‘magic keyboard’, for iPads, but needing this may just be a sign that you should be using a laptop. Plus these additional gadgets can cause your iPads to lose their advantage of portability.

Benefits of laptops

Storage space

Laptops have significantly more storage capacity than iPads. Generally it is the difference between an iPad having 16 and 128 GB and a laptop having between 500 GB and 1 TB.

Both iPads and laptops also have the capability to increase their storage capacity, but it is still something worth the consideration.

HDMI port

A great advantage that laptops have is that they will usually have at least one HDMI port built in. This means they can easily be connected to a TV or projector, giving you more options for screen sharing.

Tech support

IT or tech support is much easier for laptops. iPads do not allow remote access by an IT department or tech support to fix any technical issues that may arise. Tech support must be done with hands physically on the device which could make things difficult if you have people out of the office on a job site.

Benefits of Apple iPads

These easy to use devices can bring a modern flare to your business while still focusing on some great, practical functions needed to help run your company smoothly.


If your business needs mean you will have to move around with your device, then an Apple iPad is the best choice. They are not only conveniently sized, but also lightweight and compact. There is also a good range of sizes that offer a smaller or larger screen, depending on your needs.

Even though some laptops give you the ability to flip back the keyboard and use touch screen, a laptop will still be much heavier to lug around than an iPad pro that was designed to be portable.

Battery life

iPads have a larger battery than most laptops, so a new iPad can be used for around 8 to 10 hours before it needs recharging. This is convenient if you need to use the device for longer periods of time when charging may not always be an option.

Battery life - hire intelligence


Apple’s tablet can generally be bought for cheaper than a laptop. Prices can overlap depending on what quality device you buy, however the price difference between a high-quality iPad and a high-quality laptop can be hundreds of dollars. If you’re choosing between an iPad or laptop for business, this makes a new iPad the best option if you’re on a budget.

iPad rental and laptop rentals are also an option if you’re working within budget restraints and may not need these devices all the time.


iPads are excellent for any communication needs and this advantage can be increased with Apple’s magic keyboard. Despite common misconception, Apple’s tablet is not a mini computer and in fact works more like a large phone. It allows you to easily make and receive calls, quickly access your email, streamline web browsing, and work much better with social media apps than you can on a laptop. This can help you reach your clients or audience on social media in a much more modern and efficient way.

Closed system design

iPads have a closed system design which means they are much less vulnerable to malware attacks than laptops. However, protection can be installed onto your laptop to help prevent this.

The choice is yours

Considering your top business needs should lead you to the right choice between using an iPad or laptop for business. Each company is different and it may be important to consider your unique selling points before making a decision. Whether you choose iPads or laptops or even a mix of both, these excellent devices are a good choice to help your business evolve in exciting new ways.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Are iPads good for business use?

iPads are great for business use. They are the ultimate digital clipboard that can handle all of your paperwork. Especially for days when you are on the go, travelling for business or working from home, iPads have all of your documents, sheets and everything else you need in one place. Light and portable, with 10 hours battery time and capable storage, iPads are the must have device for all day to day business.

Which iPad is best for business purposes?

All iPads are capable of day to day business operations. From emails, to documents and creative purposes, iPads can do it all. Which is best? Well, it depends on what you need in terms of battery life (think on the road business or travel), storage space and size preference. For more information, contact us and we can help you find an iPad that best suits your needs.

What types of businesses can benefit from iPads?

Businesses that can benefit from iPads are restaurants, retail, sales and customer service. Within these businesses, iPads can be used for shopping and food ordering, CRM systems, employee time log, appointment booking and anything that requires internal organisation and customer journeys.

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Why should you get an iPad instead of a laptop for business?

Laptops and iPads have their own specs and features that make them both good to use for business. Laptops have more storage space and bigger processing capacity than iPads, so they would be great for programming, video and photo editing, gaming and other heavy duty activities. iPads are convenient for portability, note taking and drawing, interactivity, and other lightweight tasks. There are also hybrid devices that combine both the iPad and Laptop, called hybrids. Find out more and contact us to help you find a device that suits your business needs.

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