5 Exhibition Stand Ideas to Help Engage Potential Customers

Exhibition stand ideas

If you’re investing significant time, money and human resources in showcasing your brand at a trade show, you want to do everything possible to ensure visitors take notice of your products, services and messages. These top exhibition stand ideas can help you engage potential customers.


When designing your exhibition stand, it’s important to think about the dimensions of your designated display zone. What can you achieve visually by using the full extent of your allotted floor space? Don’t forget to pay particular attention to the floor-to-ceiling height of a large venue; or, alternatively, any height restrictions that might be in place. To attract the most attention, aim to go as high as reasonably possible with your digital signage, towers, banners, stages and platforms. However, you should still enable a smooth approach for foot traffic.


For a romantic dinner, setting the mood might mean candles and music. But for an exhibition stand, setting the mood means creating an open, practical and positive atmosphere for visitors through a combination of layout, colour, furniture, sound, lighting and more. Turn your corner into somewhere people genuinely want to spend time learning more about your brand.


In the past you might have simply erected a few signs and stood around waiting for visitors to approach. However, these days, exhibition stand ideas are a little more strategic. A contemporary exhibition stand competes against other businesses going all out to impress with the latest equipment. Therefore, you need to do the same. Hiring advanced event tech like interactive kiosks and video walls is a good place to start.


Truly engaged trade show visitors (in other words, your prospective clients and customers) don’t want to be mere spectators. They want to be active participants in the industry, the event and your stand. That’s why it’s prudent to provide an interactive experience at your booth via multimedia displays, touch screens and other interactive technologies. Put people in the driver’s seat to explore and possibly share your brand’s story, digital content and product/service demonstrations when and how they want.


One of the main reasons to exhibit at a trade show in the first place is to demonstrate your products or services to a live audience, rather than relying solely on digital marketing campaigns. This is where you get to showcase your innovation and encourage prominent members of the industry to talk about your developments. With that in mind, why not try to create live demos that make a real impact? From clever automation to exciting extended reality experiences (either VR or AR) and everything in between, there are many different ways to enhance your live demo with modern technology.

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