Collaborate in Style with an Interactive Samsung Touch Monitor

Interactive samsung touch monitor

Are you looking to make a real impact with your presentation? Or do you want to collaborate more effectively with colleagues on a major project? If so, you should consider the vast capabilities of an interactive Samsung touch monitor.

In the modern business world, “interactivity” is more than just a buzzword. Indeed, it’s a concept that can genuinely enhance the way you share ideas and communicate messages to staff, customers and external stakeholders.

With its 65-inch display and various freestanding or wall-mounting options, the DME65-BR 65-Inch Samsung Interactive Touch Screen and Smartboard offers a visually impressive large-scale display option. However, this equipment truly stands out as a dynamic interactive touch screen solution for business events, meetings, demonstrations, and training or brainstorming sessions.

There’s no need to go through the motions with a traditional whiteboard, or try to collaborate with project team members using different devices that you can’t connect to the main display. Instead, take advantage of the Samsung DME65-BR’s multifunction power.

You may want to use the Samsung touch monitor for interactive touch or e-board/smartboard applications. Either way, this technology delivers an exceptional experience for everyone in the room. Together you can create, edit and share content; furthermore, you can display numerous file formats to a medium-sized audience or group of collaborators. It’s all thanks to a panel featuring 10-point infrared multi-touch function. The Samsung DME65-BR is as versatile as it is interactive.

For interactive and touch applications, the Samsung DME65-BR integrates Samsung MagicIWB S2 interactive content management software. And you can operate it using either your finger or the Stylus Touch.


There’s no substitute for advanced compatibility in contemporary corporate environments. When you walk into a meeting room or exhibition venue, you need to know you can connect the available technology without issue.

This is where you can rely on the DME65-BR display. It supports compatible signal input sources like HDMI, DisplayPort and USB ports. Therefore, it allows users to quickly set up and start collaborating anywhere. Using e-board mode and the Stylus pen, you can operate it as you would with standard PC inputs and controls.

Factor in the touch screen’s striking style and you’ve got your business a piece of hardware that offers a serious professional edge across a broad range of situations.

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