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Rent a phone - enjoy the technology
Rent a Phone: The Smart Way to Enjoy Latest Tech and Save Money

In today’s fast-paced world, where technology rapidly evolves, keeping up with the latest smartphones can be both a necessity and… Read More

Interactive displays for events
5 Reasons to Rent Interactive Displays for Your Next Event

Using interactive displays is becoming increasingly popular at events, integrating the physical and digital worlds in a way that gets… Read More

Gaming laptop vs gaming desktop - hire intelligence
Gaming Laptop vs Gaming Desktop: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction The debate between gaming laptops and gaming desktops is more relevant than ever, with technological advancements constantly blurring the… Read More

Laptops for students - hire intelligence
Our guide to the best laptops for students

The quest for the perfect laptops for students can be a challenging one. With so many options on the market,… Read More

Event registration kiosks - hire intelligence au
Why your next event needs an event registration kiosk

We’ve come a long way from paper registrations and long queues. The future? It’s digital, it’s efficient, and it’s designed… Read More

Businessman tears agreement and destroy document - hire intelligence au
Embrace the New Year with a Clean Slate: One-Off Paper Shredding Service by Hire Intelligence

As 2024 approaches, businesses and individuals alike are looking for efficient ways to declutter and organise their workspaces. One significant… Read More

Renting vs. Buying it
Renting vs. Buying IT and AV Equipment: An Informed Decision

Have you ever bought a car without test-driving it? Of course not – the fear of buyer’s remorse sets in… Read More

How can vr be used in business - hire intelligence au
How can VR be used in business?

In today’s digital age, where the line between the real and virtual worlds is becoming increasingly blurred, businesses are constantly… Read More

What do remote workers need to succeed - hire intelligence au
What Do Remote Workers Need to Succeed?

Remote working is the new norm, and understanding what do remote workers need, is essential for ensuring seamless operation, sustained… Read More

Laptop rentals for events - hire intelligence au
Laptop Rentals for Events: The Key to Successful Planning

With the right laptop rental partner, event planners can leverage a wide range of options to ensure that the technology… Read More

Work from home with ipads - hire intelligence au
Embracing Remote Work with iPad Rentals

There has been a big increase in the popularity of working from home, largely due to advancements in technology and… Read More

Technical requirements -hire intelligence au
How to Run a Virtual Event, Successfully

In recent years, virtual conferences and events have increasingly replaced in-person events as an engaging way for businesses to connect… Read More

It rollout plan - hire intelligence au
Crafting a Successful IT Rollout Plan: A Comprehensive Guide

In the world of project management, IT rollouts are a staple. The implementation process of a new system or software… Read More

A man working on computer with video editing and color correction - pc rental - hire intelligence au
The Great Mac vs PC for Video Editing Debate

Ah, the age-old debate: Mac vs PC for video editing. For years, creatives have gone back and forth trying to… Read More

10 av trends to watch in 2023 - hire intelligence au
10 AV Trends to Watch in 2023: To Help You Stay Ahead Of The Game

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses need to stay ahead of emerging trends to thrive. Audiovisual (AV) technology is one… Read More

Brand activation begins here - hire intelligence au
What is a Brand Activation? And, How Can Technology Level Up Your Next Campaign

In this technological age, businesses need effective ways of differentiating themselves from the competition. Important elements such as marketing campaigns,… Read More

Choose the best smartphone for your business - hire intelligence au
How to Choose the Best Smartphone for your Business in Australia: Apple vs. Samsung

The great debate of Apple vs Samsung smartphones has raged since they first appeared on the tech scene. The competition… Read More

Ipads can improve business efficiency
iPads can Improve Business Efficiency, Productivity and Communication in 2023. Here’s how

In recent years, Apple iPads have proven themselves to be a great means to improve business efficiency. Their unique features… Read More

The perfect projector set up for your next event - hire intelligence
The Perfect Projector Setup for your Next Event

Setting up an impactful event for your guests can be complicated. Ensuring you make it as memorable as possible may… Read More

Launch a new product with the perfect launch event - hire intelligence au
How to Launch a New Product with the Perfect Launch Event

Launch events are still a great way to introduce your latest product—despite the fact that the process of launching a… Read More

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