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If you’re investing significant time, money and human resources in showcasing your brand at a trade show, you want to do everything possible to ensure visitors take notice of your products, services and messages. These top exhibition stand ideas can help you engage potential customers.

5 Exhibition Stand Ideas to Help Engage Potential Customers


When designing your exhibition stand, it’s important to think about the dimensions of your designated display zone. What can you achieve visually by using the full extent of your allotted floor space? Don’t forget to pay particular attention to the floor-to-ceiling... Read More


Are you looking to make a real impact with your presentation? Or do you want to collaborate more effectively with colleagues on a major project? If so, you should consider the vast capabilities of an interactive Samsung touch monitor.

Collaborate in Style with an Interactive Samsung Touch Monitor

In the modern business world, “interactivity” is more than just a buzzword. Indeed, it’s a concept that can genuinely enhance the way you share ideas and communicate messages to staff, customers and external stakeholders.

With its 65-inch display and various freestanding or... Read More


Want your new product to make an immediate impact on the market? It’s essential to engage prospective customers, business affiliates, media and other industry stakeholders at a launch event. Read on to discover our top seven technology-based strategies for a successful product launch.

7 Strategies for a Successful Product Launch


Before you investigate how you might leverage some of the latest event technologies, lock down the basics by renting IT and audio visual equipment to put on a creative digital show that will wow the crowd. For example, you can hire touch screen... Read More


Solving big computing challenges calls for some major processing power. While the hardware itself doesn’t have to be large, it certainly needs to pack a punch. Let’s take a closer look at what you can achieve with a quality workstation rental.

Solve Big Computing Challenges with a Powerful Workstation


To begin, ask yourself what kind of computing challenges you’re looking to solve and how urgently this needs to happen. Acknowledging the scale and time sensitivity of the problem should help you create a realistic plan within your budget. One seriously powerful workstation might be able to handle the whole job; then again, it... Read More


Are you considering a new system for your business? Any software rollout or integration of the latest business technology relies on solid planning to achieve optimal results for everyone involved. With this in mind, here are six tips for successful IT rollout management.

How to Change Systems with Good IT Rollout Management


Implementing new technology, programs and systems across a business can be a complex and time-consuming process. However, it’s much easier to define success if you’ve identified your medium- and long-term goals. What is the business trying to achieve and by when? Set objectives and timelines at the start;... Read More