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The world of film technology and cinematography is always evolving. From 2D sets and clever camera angles to CGI and 3D cinemas, the technology used in films invested in creating engaging viewing experiences is constantly being reinvented. So, what’s the latest technology and how is it changing the film industry?

New technology used in films: From VR to 3D printing



Computing challenges come in various forms. They range from simple applications using standard IT hardware or software, right up to more intensive tasks or major problems involving large amounts of data and requiring serious processing power. When it comes to those one-off or short-term big computing challenges, a powerful workstation rental is often the best solution.

Hire Powerful Workstations to Solve Your Biggest Computing Challenges


There are some important differences between your classic desktop PCs and the types of professional workstations we’re talking about here. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the former for... Read More


When it comes to a new product launch, positive impact is everything. You want every attendee to leave your event feeling enthusiastic not only about the product, but also the entire experience. And to launch a new product in style, you need to employ some of the latest technologies on the market.

Use the Latest Technologies for a Stylish New Product Launch

With this in mind, here are five technologies to consider including in your new product launch plan.


Interactivity is all the rage in the business world, and for good reason. Enable prospective customers and clients to immerse themselves in the experience of your event through interactive... Read More


Despite understanding the critical role it has in organisational success, many leaders do not prioritise employee engagement or take the time to measure it and think about how improvements could be made. In fact, research has found that a shockingly low 13 per cent of employees are engaged at work. However, the good news is there are a number of simple employee engagement strategies managers can implement to make a significant change.

Top 10: Employee Engagement Strategies

With that in mind, here are 10 simple staff engagement ideas... Read More


If handled without care, a new IT rollout can cause business networks to experience potentially costly downtime. While that’s the reality of updating systems – or, indeed, implementing any significant changes within your organisation – the good news is that by taking certain technology rollout management measures, you can lead your business towards its growth targets without compromising on the quality of current operations.

7 Steps for Successful IT Rollout Management

Here are seven steps to achieve successful new IT and software rollout management in your business.


First and foremost, you need to decide what systems upgrade success looks like for... Read More


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