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Large display screens make a great visual impact. Tablets like the iPad are packed with cool features and are easy to use. So, what happens when you combine these two popular technologies into a single device such as the Giant iTab? You get a superb giant tablet designed to bring any business or event space to life.

Bring Your Space to Life With a Giant Tablet Rental

There’s something about a giant tablet. It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s bursting with built-in software, custom applications and familiar functionality. From the moment it catches a person’s eye upon arrival at the venue,... Read More


The advent of digital signage has massively (and literally) changed the way we look at event marketing, message sharing and overall audience engagement. From static imagery and audio-visual content to live updates and social media feeds, the latest digital displays and electronic posters are now critical technologies in the contemporary commercial landscape.

6 Benefits of Hiring Digital Signage for Events, Trade Shows and Conferences

Here are six benefits of hiring digital signage for events, trade shows and conferences.


Want foot traffic to actually... Read More


The world of photo printing has definitely changed thanks to the arrival of the Foto ATM. This is a digital photo booth and instant printing kiosk that combines selfies, social media and smartphone integration.

Foto ATM – The Ultimate Digital Photo Booth for Your Next Event

Hiring this fun crowd engagement tool for your next event is a great way to boost the vibe and energy in the room, drive traffic to your social media activities and ultimately increase revenue. And since the latest model of Foto ATM features green screen functionality and text messaging capability, attendees now have even more options for creating and sharing photos throughout the event.

How does Foto ATM make all this possible? Guests and customers can pay to print watermark-branded photos... Read More


Regardless of your sector, business model or objectives, interactive technology helps modern organisations with their operations, teamwork, and sales and marketing efforts. From kiosks, touch screens and video walls to voting systems and extended reality (XR) platforms, interactivity is changing the game. 

6 Ways Interactive Technology Can Improve Your BusinessHere are six ways the latest interactive technologies can improve your... Read More


It’s hard to look past Samsung video wall displays for serious visual impact – and not just because they’re massive!

Samsung Video Wall Displays Can Engage Your Target Audience

Samsung is one of the world’s leading technology brands, and it makes robust, high-quality video walls. With a Samsung wall, you can display your multimedia content clearly and better engage a large target audience.

There is a range of Samsung video wall displays available at Hire Intelligence. We aim to provide you with the ultimate flexibility to... Read More