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Is your business keen to increase sales and customer engagement using interactive display technology? Look no further than a giant tablet like the Giant iTab, which makes a massive impact on venues and audiences of all different sizes.

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The Giant iTab is a big piece of interactive technology with an even bigger reputation. From appearances on high-rating UK television shows like Dragon’s Den (the UK’s version of business ideas reality program Shark Tank) to appearances at stores, trade shows and live events all over the world, the Giant iTab is a customer engagement secret weapon that’s no longer a secret.

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If your business needs to share multimedia messages with customers, clients, colleagues and other stakeholders, hiring the best modern equipment for that upcoming project or event can help ensure successful outcomes for everyone involved.

Share Multimedia Messages Effectively Through Modern Equipment

Here’s your guide to communicating important digital and audio-visual messages more effectively using the latest technology.


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While the love fans have for their favourite pastime remains a constant, technological development in sport means the game is always changing. Athletes reach higher levels of performance, the analysis broadcasted to us more accessible and our viewing experience is more enriched. Year by year, new sports technology is inevitable.

New sports technology and how it is affecting life for players and spectators

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When it comes to maximising the visual impact of your brand messaging, both the size and quality of the picture are paramount. That’s why more and more businesses are opting for a seamless video wall rental to display their multimedia content to large audiences at exhibitions, trade shows and other public-facing events or venues.

Maximise Visual Impact with a Seamless Video Wall

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A trade show provides a wonderful opportunity for your business to gain valuable exposure and forge new customer relationships. To get the most out of your appearance, you need an exhibition stand design that attracts and engages as many of the right visitors as possible. Here are five top exhibition stand tips to keep in mind.

5 Exhibition Stand Tips That Will Attracts and Engages Visitors


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