6 Benefits of Digital Signage Hire for Events

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Table of Content :  Benefits of Digital Signage Hire for Events

The rise of digital signage has massively (and literally) changed the way we look at event marketing, message sharing and overall audience engagement. From static imagery and audio-visual content to live updates and social media feeds, the latest digital displays and electronic posters are now critical technologies in the contemporary commercial landscape.

Event signage should be able to clearly communicate any necessary information to your attendees in order to avoid confusion and misrepresentation. If used properly, digital signage can be much more effective in helping to achieve this than traditional signage—digital signage is not only more attention-grabbing and engaging, but also much more flexible.

So let’s look at some of the benefits of hiring digital signage for any of your upcoming events or product launches.


Digital screen achieve high level of visibility - hire intelligence au

Digital signage events have a much wider reach than traditional signage events. Digital signs draw more attention to your key messages than non-digital signage by using high-definition graphics for maximum visual impact. Engaging images are much more memorable for customers or guests than static signs.

Digital LED signs also come in a wide range of screen sizes so you have more control over not only the information you’re broadcasting but also how visible each sign is in your event space.

Plus, certain signs are absolutely necessary for any event—for example toilet or refreshment signage—so you want these to be easy to see around your event space to avoid guest frustration. Digital screens and signage are the best way to achieve this high level of visibility for any information.

2.More engaging

More engaging - hire intelligence au

Visual communications technologies like interactive video walls and LED displays allow you to aggregate different content including social media conversations, RSS feeds and live updates while simultaneously promoting products, services and special offers.

Deploying a variety of dynamic content on the best modern display equipment helps your organisation provide a more immersive attendee experience. In turn, this boosts crowd engagement and feedback. This leads to direct measurable success for your sales, marketing and networking campaigns.


Digital signage hire gives you the flexibility to change your message at any time throughout your event. Want to rotate venue and event details with a product demonstration video or special promotion? Your options are just as diverse as your brand’s story.

Furthermore, everything can be customised from a connected laptop or tablet. Interchangeable and interactive electronic displays have largely replaced traditional signs and posters. The major advantage of being able to concurrently switch the content you display is that you’re not restricted to one single format or campaign throughout an event. You can schedule specific content for certain times throughout your event. This is a great feature to test audience engagement with certain messages.

4.Able to communicate more information

Able to communicate more information - hire intelligence au

Flexible scheduling allows you to update or rotate your message throughout your event at key moments to drive engagement—and all this can be done automatically so there’s no need for constant supervision.

This will also help avoid your potential customers or guests feeling frustrated or confused as all the important information will be clearly visible on your digital signage. This is an important aspect as clear digital signage will allow your guests to see the true value of your event and brand message without their experience being tarnished by the little details.

5.Cost effective and sustainable

Cost effective and sustainable - hire intelligence au

From a budget and planning perspective, digital signage hire can be more economical and efficient than printing hundreds of posters and banners that may have a short life span. Digital signage displays allow you to rotate and update the information shown to cut down on supplementary signage for your event, reducing paper waste.

Hiring this temporary display solution will also reduce costs on the storage and logistics of all those extra materials. Consequently, this means your business focuses on creating high-quality visual content and graphics that work, and being more cost effective. In recent years, advancements in technology have seen digital signage hire software and hardware products decrease in price.

Plus, if you choose digital signage hire, you can get technical support throughout your event so your team can focus on their own duties.

6.More professional

More professional - hire intelligence au

Digital signage events will give the immediate impression that your business is modern and current, while enhancing the guest experience. This is an effective way of showing your event is on top of all the latest industry trends.

Many people now prefer digital channels of communication over traditional static signage. Nothing says ‘professional’ like understanding what your audience wants and delivering it.

Tech rentals for digital signage also have the potential to create more sponsorship opportunities for your event. This is a more appealing way for your sponsors to display their copy and for you to recoup some of your event’s cost.

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