5 Reasons to Rent Interactive Displays for Your Next Event

Interactive displays for events

Using interactive displays is becoming increasingly popular at events, integrating the physical and digital worlds in a way that gets visitors talking. With touchscreens and interactive walls, attendees are no longer mere spectators but become active participants, engaging directly with the content. This shift from passive observation to active involvement not only captivates the audience but also ensures that the event leaves a lasting impression.

Enhance Audience Engagement

Interactive displays are redefining event participation by turning attendees from passive observers to active participants. Touch screen, gesture recognition, and augmented reality (AR) are all adept at taking two-way interaction that fully engages individuals to the next level.

Touch Screen Interactivity

Touch screens are ideal for users to simply swipe or tap their way through content, such as navigating menus, exploring interactive maps, participating in quizzes and surveys, and so on. It allows attendees to engage with the information on a deeper level, making their experience personal and memorable.

Gesture Recognition

Gesture recognition technology lets participants control a display using their body. The lack of physical contact allows for immersive experiences like navigating through a virtual environment, manipulating digital objects, and so on, while also making the content accessible and engaging to anyone, anywhere.

Augmented Reality in Displays

AR features in interactive displays are used to overlay digital information into the real world for an immersive experience during an event. Attendees can view 3D models, access additional product information, see real-world settings for products, and more, all of which make understanding and interest in that content easier.

Customisable Content for Every Event

Content? Check. Venue? Check. Attendees? Check.

While these essential elements have driven event planning for decades, the human interaction and the sheer physical presence that drive these gatherings are evolving. Attendees are more tech-savvy and as such, more discerning. They expect more than just an exchange of ideas and smiles; they expect to be wowed. They want to be informed, edified and entertained, but in a style that they dictate. This is the impetus behind the spectacular growth of event technology, of having an interactive displays company enable content to come alive. It allows event organisers and marketers to cater content to the unique theme and goals of the event.

Anything from multimedia presentations and interactive timelines to real-time social media feeds and augmented reality experiences can ensure that content is relevant and immersive. This enables you to meet a variety of event goals, whether it be for a product launch, an educational workshop or a corporate seminar.

A critical advantage of an interactive display is that content can be updated in real time. This means that the content can remain fresh, last-minute updates can be integrated and even audience feedback can be included, all without a single physical change or additional printed material. Combining this versatility and customizability of content and interactive displays can become a resource that can be called upon to help produce dynamic, relevant and memorable experiences at any event.

Increase Information Retention

Did you think that after the event the content was merely a memory and detached sheets of grid paper that fell under the desk? Think again.

Personalised Learning Experiences

Interactive displays at events create active participation, as opposed to passive listening. Attendees are drawn into the content, interacting directly with it, using a variety of interactive devices such as touch screens, augmented reality and gesture-based interactions. The engagement activates multiple cognitive processes and significantly enhances memory recall. When it involves a multisensory experience – which these often do when you combine visual, auditory and kinesthetic stimuli – it can be all the more effective in retaining information.

Everybody works different

Interactive displays create a uniquely personalised learning journey, allowing attendees to move through the content at their own pace and select the path that interests them most. This freedom to learn results in a deeper, richer understanding of the material. Personal involvement also means not only a more satisfying overall event but one where the information is more likely to become a part of the participants’ permanent recall.

Stand Out in a Crowded Event Space

In today’s saturated event landscape, where competition for audience attention is fierce and there are seemingly infinite options, interactive displays can fundamentally transform an event because they create an experience that simply can’t be replicated using traditional event materials.

Creating a Unique Experience

Interactive displays can sweep participants into the digital world and engage with the content in ways that a print or static display simply can’t match, which can be the game-changing attraction that you need. Not only does it put the attendees in touch with the technology itself, it puts them in touch with an immersive experience, wherever they are in the world.

By changing the dynamic from one of audience and presenter to one of participant and attendee, interactive displays allow the event to step out of the shadows of past events. By abandoning the simple slide presentation, or static display, and embracing a strategy of interactivity and constant reactivity, an event can move well beyond what people have come to expect from events. To deliver a type of engagement that people will remember.

Success Stories of Interactive Displays

Some examples of interactive displays being used very effectively are tech expos where the community can engage with touch screens to move through the features of a new software or gadget, or simply to develop an understanding of what the tech hopes to achieve. Science fairs where the activities are so abstract, that it’s through the lens of interactive displays and the use of simulations and models that the assembled audience can engage with the content in a way they haven’t in the past.

Cost-Effective Solution with High Impact

When compared to other forms of event technology or setups, renting interactive displays offers a cost-effective solution with significant benefits that enhance the overall success of an event.

Cost Comparison

Traditional event setups typically include static displays, printed materials, and audio-visual equipment. While these elements may enhance an event, they do nothing to engage attendees as interactive displays do. The initial cost of static displays and printed materials may seem lower, but these elements are single-use and must be re-purchased for each event to remain current. Comparatively, interactive displays can be updated with new content for new events, which decreases the need to replace anything except the physical frame – with content that can be changed in real-time, adaptations to any content provided are affordable and can save cost overall.

Return on Investment

The return on investment (ROI) from renting interactive displays goes beyond cost savings to include increased engagement, enhanced information retention, and the ultimate overall success of the event. When paired with event technology, they are used to create high-impact events right off the trade show floor. Attendees who see virtual music experiences have reported spending two-and-a-half times more than a regular attendee, and interest in a VR demonstration led to an 18-hour line at multiple 2015 consumer shows. When used at private events as gaming displays, they produced a 130 per cent increase in participation.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Next Event

Renting interactive displays isn’t just a good play for your bottom line. It’s a strategic investment in the success of the event itself. By taking something that could have been passive and making it active and engaging, you make it more memorable, meaningful and impactful. The value here is so clear that we encourage all event organisers to consider what interactive displays would bring to the table at their next event.
Start embracing the future of event engagement. Start making your event stand out from all of the noise with the help of interactive displays. Don’t make your next event a mere occasion – make it an unforgettable experience. Get in touch today!

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