The Perfect Projector Setup for your Next Event

The perfect projector set up for your next event - hire intelligence

The perfect projector set up for your next event - hire intelligence

Setting up an impactful event for your guests can be complicated. Ensuring you make it as memorable as possible may mean utilising special equipment like a projector.

We’re here to help take one thing off your shoulders by giving you a step-by-step run down of how to set up a projector for your event.

Table of Contents

Projector Setup for your Next Event

  1. Find the right location
  2. Set up your projector screen—if needed
  3. Plug everything in
  4. Check the alignment
  5. Mount your projector and perfect your set up
  6. Enjoy!

How to set up a projector

How to set up a projector - hire intelligence

1. Find the right location

First things first, you need to figure out exactly where you want to see your projection, either on a big screen (recommended) or a blank white wall. One of the main features of projectors is that they can throw a huge image size, so use this to your advantage. Aim to project your image where there is plenty of space and where the images can be best seen by your audience.

2. Set up your projector screen—if needed

While a projection screen is technically optional, it is highly recommended that you use one to project your image onto. It not only provides the uniform blank surface needed to project a clear image but they also deliver a brighter picture.

 3. Plug everything in

Plug everything in -hire intelligence

Time to use that power button! Making sure your equipment works as it should is an important step to take before everything is officially set up. You can also use this opportunity to ensure there are no exposed hdmi cables or wires in the viewing area that could pose a tripping hazard for your guests.

4. Check the alignment

Check the alignment - hire intelligence

Projecting an alignment image helps you ensure your setup is correct and everything is lined up at the right height, plus these can be easily found online. Alternatively, you could play a video and see where the edges of the image sit.

If the image isn’t rectangular, it may be because your projector isn’t perpendicular to the screen. Measuring the exact distances between the elements of your projector set up is the most effective way to ensure everything is aligned. To sharpen your projected image you can also adjust the focus until it looks its best.

Renting your projector equipment will mean any technical issues during set up are taken care of for you by experienced team members.

5. Mount your projector and perfect your setup

Mount your projector and its a perfect projector setup - hire intelligence

If you have a coffee table projector with a larger throw distance, ensure your audience won’t get in the way of the projector lens during your event. Having a mobile projector stand may help your space become more flexible in this regard.

This is also the time to remove wire tripping hazards and ensure your projector isn’t going to move about throughout the event. Now is the time to double check everything is mounted or set up correctly.

If you’re stuck wondering how to set up a projector, hiring the equipment also takes the responsibility of setup and maintenance off your back.

6. Select the picture mode and consider better sound

Much like TVs, projectors have preset picture modes that change the overall picture quality to suit your environment. Most likely there will be ambient lighting during your event so a good idea may be switching the picture mode to the right setting, which may include “Dynamic” or “Vivid” mode.

If you really want to make a big impact with your event, you should consider adding external speakers to your set up. A projector’s built-in speakers are, at best, a few watts. Great images should have great audio to compliment them, depending on your audience it may even be expected.

If you don’t have room for the full speaker set up that may be found in a home cinema, a pair of Bluetooth speakers will work great for an event. Plus, this way you’ll reduce the amount of audio cable running along the floor.

7. Enjoy!

You’re all ready to go! You can rest assured this part of your event is covered and you can instead start perfecting all your other elements.

Why you need to hire a projector for your event

Hire a projector for your event - hire intelligence

There are many excellent benefits to hiring your projector equipment for your event. From cost to technical support, we think there are more great reasons to hire than to buy a new projector set up outright.

Top of the range equipment

To an impact at your next event, you’ll want high-quality equipment that is top of the range. Hiring this equipment means you have access to the newest technology that has been expertly maintained to ensure its long-lasting quality. You’ll never have to worry about whether or not the set up will work with state-of-the-art equipment guaranteed.

Due to the fast-moving nature of technology, purchasing the latest models will mean you are forking out a huge sum for something that may not even be able to be used again if the technology becomes redundant. Hiring equipment solves this problem for you.


In many cases, people only need this specialised equipment every now and then for short periods of time, so it is the most cost-friendly option to hire your projector set up. With short- and long-term rental options available, you can spend your event’s budget elsewhere. You will also be saving money on storage costs associated with purchasing a new projector and all the associated equipment.

Technical support

When you hire your projector equipment, experienced technicians will be on hand to transport and install everything, as well as troubleshoot if any technical issues arise. This is invaluable to many people hosting an event that don’t have the time or knowledge to handle any technical difficulties that could occur.

They are available to answer any of your questions regarding the equipment you’re looking to hire and can even help you pick out the best equipment to perfectly suit your event needs. They will also guide you through where the projector needs to be set up and exactly how to use each element you’ve hired.

Which projector suits your event needs?

Standard projectors suit data projection perfectly. The lumen output of a projector is a measure of the amount of visible light given out – the lower the value, the lower the amount of light. Higher lumen values generally give a brighter, crisper picture. While data projectors are not standardly used as a living room or home theatre projector, their compact build and generous lumen output make these projectors good all-rounders for any event.


If presentation space is in short supply at your event, a short-throw projector, such as the Epson EB-455Wi, is the perfect option. Short throw projectors like this sit close to the screen—either mounted to the ceiling or sat below the screen—so you can avoid big equipment taking up valuable space and guests walking in front of the projector’s lens.


While they may be considered old technology these days, overhead projectors are still perfect for some situations. With a super bright 400W Halogen lamp and 300mmx300mm transparency area, this older technology projects sharp, clear images onto your screen with little fuss. It also includes great safety features such as thermal shutdown, cooling fan and tamper switches to shut the unit down if any issues arise.


At the top end of the market are full HD, modern projectors, such as the 4700 lumen Optoma EH500. We also have the EH550 which is an incredible 5000 lumen, 4K resolution projector. These projectors boast bright pictures in crystal clear definition, and higher levels of networking capabilities and connectivity, making them perfect for use in the more technical sectors to impress with high quality video.

Still unsure how to set up a projector?

At Hire Intelligence, our expert technicians can answer any questions you have about hiring a projector setup and can even help you decide which projector is best suited to your event. Contact us today to find out how we can help elevate your event to the next level.

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