Want to make your exhibition stand out? Here’s how

Want to make your exhibition stand out here's how - hire intelligence

Trade shows and exhibitions are great ways to spread awareness for your business. They allow your brand to reach future customers, as well as provide an outlet for existing customers to engage and interact further with the business. After investing time and money into showcasing what you have to offer at a trade show, understandably you’ll want help to know how to attract visitors to your exhibition stand.

So, it’s a good idea to have a great stand design right? Of course it is!

Only, you’re probably wondering how to make your exhibition stand out, right? Well, stay with us, we’re going to go through some great ways to ensure you can grab all the new leads and future clients you possibly can.

1. Keep it focused

Running a successful exhibition stand is about creating something that is easy to understand. If it’s unclear what you’re advertising or trying to show off people aren’t going to be interested. Without clear direction and purpose, your booth will seem aimless and confusing.

So, what do we mean by keeping it focused? Well, set a goal and know what precisely the point of your exhibition booth is. Is it to spread brand awareness and attract new customers? Are you looking for investors, to get more funding? Perhaps you’re trying to sell a product.

Whatever it is, having a clear goal, and keeping your bespoke exhibition booth design laser-focused will attract potential customers. Creating a strong visual impact is key to making your exhibition booth stand out. Keep your booth visually focused on what it is you’re trying to advertise; whatever it is, it needs to be centre stage for all to see.

Use imagery and brand designs to help visitors understand what it is they’re looking at. Banners and logos are a simple and effective way to help give a fun and welcoming feel.

Keep it focused - hire intelligence australia

2. Utilise the space

Your stand design should utilise all of the space you’ve been allocated. Think about the layout and design of the booth. Have a clear direction you want your visitors to go, and keep it so they aren’t stepping over one another if it gets busy. For example, welcome them over with a display kiosk, and perhaps a team member to help guide them if your booth is particularly large.

Whilst attendees should be the main priority don’t forget to give your sales team room to work and showcase what it is you’re advertising. Use up every centimetre of space, without cluttering it.

Utilise the space - hire intelligence

3. Showcase technology

Humans are naturally drawn to visually exciting and appealing things; this includes technology. A really effective way to draw in an audience is by utilising new and fun technology.

You can even keep it a bit more simple, with interactive touchscreen displays or giant smartphones. Anyone looking to sign-up or check in with your business venture can do so through tablet and iPad rental.

Showcase technology - hire intelligence australia

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4. Make it interactive

People love interacting with exciting technology more than they do looking at it. Utilising interactive technologies is how to attract visitors to your exhibition stand.

VR headsets are a prime example of this. A lot of software out there can be greatly improved by VR, thanks to how immersive it can be. Perhaps you’re an architect, looking to design a building, and a VR headset is the best way to get a really personal look at it, and it’s simple to rent a VR headset for an affordable price.

If you’re showcasing a new video game, make sure they can play it on decent gaming hardware. Provide your visitors with comfortable chairs, and let them play around.

People are drawn to new and exciting technologies like video walls, interactive kiosks and touch screen displays. Once at your stand, visitors are more likely to remain engaged with media compared to traditional marketing tools. Use interactive technologies, such as your social media pages, to effectively share content, start conversations, demonstrate products and services, gather feedback and collect customer details. In other words, keep people interested for longer.

Having your products available to be looked at and played with will give you and your team members a first-hand look at how people use them. Not only will it give a long-lasting impression to prospective clients and customers, it will also provide useful feedback on how to improve your product in the future.

Make it interactive - hire intelligence australia

5. Engage with your visitors

Whilst interactive software is very appealing to exhibition visitors, so is human engagement. This is more than just explaining what the product is – whilst that is useful, it may go over their heads. Exhibitions are full-on events and can be information overload.
Ensuring a really great exhibition is about allowing the visitors to be more than spectators. Keep them engaged and run a light-hearted competitive game, like trivia. Sometimes, people need a little encouragement to join, so offer them a prize in the form of money, a coupon, or even a product from your company.

Not only does this engagement offer attendees a much-needed break, it allows those that are interested in what your business has to offer to form a connection. Those that have interacted and engaged with a business at a trade show, or event is going to more likely to return, and be potential customers.

Another way to attract visitors to your stand is to make their overall trade show experience a top priority. Maybe you’ll be the only stand in your section offering the convenience of a mobile phone charging station or a tablet stand that shows the venue map and event information. Perhaps your stand is the most comfortable, the most entertaining, or the most interactive. Consider the crowd and you might be surprised at the positive reaction.

In need of some equipment to hire?

It’s great to think about what will attract the right people, but how about getting the correct equipment to do so? We can hep you out with that. If you need any equipment, we offer a large number of equipment including iPad rentals, video walls, and even VR headsets. Come and check out our website, for a list of our products.

Need any more exhibition stand ideas? Reach out through our contact details on our website!

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