A Samsung Touch Screen Helps You Connect, Collaborate and Engage

Collaborate and engage

There are some great content sharing and collaboration tools available for a modern business to hire. However, few can offer the exceptional impact of a Samsung Touch Screen. So, what makes Samsung’s DM65E-BR 65 Inch Interactive Touch Screen and Smartboard so special? Let’s find out by taking a closer look at this interactive powerhouse.

At first glance, the Samsung Touch Screen is just as stylish as it is professional. This large-scale display solution has a real visual “wow factor.” With a freestanding or wall-mounted monitor and a 65-inch screen with Full HD 1920×1080 pixel native resolution, its mere presence in a meeting room or exhibition hall is bound to draw positive attention.

Up close, the Samsung DM65E-BR takes the user experience to another level. Indeed, the technology proves beneficial across a broad range of internal and external business applications. However, it shines as a key accessory for delivering successful business presentations and working on projects as a team.


Ultimately, the value of the device hinges on its most impressive feature: powerful interactivity. Not only can you use the Samsung Touch Screen to display information in high definition, but you can also access multiple pieces of content and easily edit or add notes to everything you share on screen with collaborators and audience members. Independently control multiple screens and easily bring up the text, images, audio and video files you need at any time. Brainstorm ideas, make comments, share information, and resolve questions using this digital assistant in the shape of a massive monitor. It’s all made possible by the screen’s interactive touch and e-board or smartboard functionality.

Take advantage of the extensive capabilities at your fingertips via a panel featuring 10-point infrared multi-touch. Any individual or group operating the touch screen can connect, collaborate and engage with their audience and each other throughout a truly dynamic presentation. Wherever the location, whatever you want to share, and whoever is taking part, the Samsung Touch Screen brings the content to life and enhances the flow of the session.

Furthermore, the DM65E-BR model provides advanced compatibility and connectivity via its support for signal input sources like HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB ports. Therefore, a number of participants can use their personal devices to take advantage of everything the device has to offer.

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