Share Multimedia Messages Effectively Through Modern Equipment

If your business needs to share multimedia messages with customers, clients, colleagues and other stakeholders, hiring the best modern equipment for that upcoming project or event can help ensure successful outcomes for everyone involved.

Share multimedia messages effectively through modern equipment

Here’s your guide to communicating important digital and audio-visual messages more effectively using the latest technology.


Mobile phones have come a long way since the first text message (SMS) was sent back in 1992. These days, smartphones send and receive millions of MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages – featuring sound, images or video – globally every day. Indeed, for brands and organisations, smartphone MMS capability adds enormous potential to marketing and promotional campaigns. Through technology and integrated software, it’s now possible to send targeted multimedia messages to customers’ smartphones. This results in significantly higher open rates and click-through rates than email.


Tablets are often the perfect devices for showcasing product and service image galleries or video demonstrations. Why? Because they’re easy to transport, hold, operate and pass around while continuing to engage in a meaningful conversation. Whether you’re attending a trade show, making a sales presentation or conducting market research, traditional tactile devices including the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab allow both staff and customers to readily engage with all different types of content in any location and on the go.


You can take tablet capability a step further. Stylus-enabled devices, for example, allow team members to “draw” ideas and messages directly onto the screen. This functionality is extremely useful for presenting and collaborating as the visual messages can be adapted and edited according to the flow of the conversation. Some tablets, such as the Wacom Cintiq or Microsoft Surface Pro, are even designed specifically for graphic designers and CAD specialists to draw highly detailed images to be immediately shared with people in the room or externally to a cloud platform via Wi-Fi connectivity.


Whether you hire a small 22-inch model or anything up to a 65-inch Full HD model, touch screen displays provide a range of IT and AV functionality to share multimedia messages with live audiences. Through control software such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote, you can build, deliver and customise presentations filled with the most relevant digital content including pictures, graphs and promotions. MultiTouch technology enables up to 10 control points, so this equipment is tailor-made for powerful interactivity.


Large semi-seamless video walls don’t just stand out in a crowd; they also offer an alternative option for sharing multimedia messages including advertisements, live event information and updates, product demonstration videos and other types of content. With a custom video wall rental you can communicate messages effectively to big crowds at indoor venues.

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