5 of the Latest Technologies to Use for a Stylish New Product Launch

When it comes to a new product launch, positive impact is everything. You want every attendee to leave your event feeling enthusiastic not only about the product, but also the entire experience. And to launch a new product in style, you need to employ some of the latest technologies on the market.

Use the latest technologies for a stylish new product launch

With this in mind, here are five technologies to consider including in your new product launch plan.


Interactivity is all the rage in the business world, and for good reason. Enable prospective customers and clients to immerse themselves in the experience of your event through interactive technology. By doing so, you provide a sense of control and flexibility that contemporary buyers appreciate. Consider hiring interactive kiosks for event registration, event maps and schedules, digital content searches, digital signage, product tips and demonstration videos, or anything else that might prove useful or informative.


Many organisations have now discovered the power of advanced 3D technologies as sales and marketing tools. Let’s say, for example, you’re launching a product that would be challenging to properly showcase to a live audience at a certain venue. The item might be extremely large, complex in application, or require a particular environment to function in an optimal way. However, you still want as many attendees as possible to get a feel for the innovation. By using 3D printing, 3D modelling or 3D rendering technology, you can create highly detailed, scaled-down, tangible versions or lifelike on-screen visualisations of new products throughout the venue.


Digital and physical 3D creations are very cool. However, extended reality (XR) experiences can be absolutely mind-blowing. Accordingly, take your visitors on a memorable journey that incorporates your new product or product range within virtual scenarios using augmented reality technology or virtual reality technology for hire. With branded, tailored XR applications available to guests, your launch party is destined to make an unbelievable impact.


Sometimes it’s worth sticking to basic promotional principles, then adding some modern wow factor. We know quality video content is accessible and engaging. So, why not maximise its potential on a grand scale using a custom video wall to attract countless sets of eyes upon arrival? There’s nothing subtle about a massive video wall displaying your product in action or showcasing the impressive development process – but a product launch isn’t meant to be subtle!


Business live streaming is a tremendous brand awareness and audience engagement tool for a highly attended launch event. Using the latest live streaming technologies and software, it’s easy to connect with the crowd in real time, share important event information and updates, or facilitate feedback and conservations via social media platforms. Indeed, there’s a whole lot more a campaign can achieve with business live streaming if you put your creative minds to the task.

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