Maximise Visual Impact with a Semi-Video Wall

When it comes to maximising the visual impact of your brand messaging, both the size and quality of the picture are paramount. That’s why more and more businesses are opting for a seamless video wall rental to display their multimedia content to large audiences at exhibitions, trade shows and other public-facing events or venues.

Maximise visual impact with a seamless video wall

Enter the 165-inch 3×3 Semi Seamless Samsung Video Wall. It’s a seriously large, imposing and effective piece of audio-visual equipment for the great indoors. The next time you need to make a massive visual statement, consider the following features and benefits.


The Semi Seamless Samsung Video Wall is over 3.6m wide by 2m high in operation. It’s tailor-made for high-end commercial applications; for example, live business streaming, product launch demonstrations and multi-faceted marketing campaigns. While the sheer scale of the display first grabs attention, the Full HD 1920×1080 resolution and double integrated 10W full range speakers allow this seamless video wall to shine throughout the day.

The Samsung Video Wall may not technically be 100 per cent ‘seamless’ – a very thin bezel exists between the nine individual screens that make up this spectacular piece of hardware – but the bezel compensation and integrated video wall functionality ensure you’ll always achieve an impressive, memorable display of your most powerful images and videos.


Samsung’s 165-inch TV screen comprises nine Samsung UE55 Series 55” panels configured in a 3×3 formation to form one awesome display area. You connect the panels to a single 1920x1080p HDMI, DVI-D or DisplayPort source; they, just ‘daisy chain’ (wire multiple devices together in sequence) it via DisplayPort. Alternatively, you can use a splitter of any of these connection methods.

Forget those complicated adjustments and alignments when trying to install large-scale event equipment of this kind. This Samsung solution is about as flexible and efficient as it gets. Whatever your display rental application, you can customise these high-quality Samsung video wall display rentals to help achieve your goals within the available space.

What makes this process so easy? The purpose-built hanging frame allows the giant screen to be erected without any hassle in as little as an hour. You can hang the adaptable frame from a wall or attach it to a pair of free-standing trusses. Thus, you can mount your monitor stably to the perfect height regardless of layout preferences or uneven surfaces. If that sounds convenient, it’s because it is!

Looking to maximise visual impact at your next event? Talk to Hire Intelligence about our video wall rentals.


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