Giant Tablet Technology Helps You Make a Massive Impact

Is your business keen to increase sales and customer engagement using interactive display technology? Look no further than a giant tablet like the Giant iTab, which makes a massive impact on venues and audiences of all different sizes.

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The Giant iTab is a big piece of interactive technology with an even bigger reputation. From appearances on high-rating UK television shows like Dragon’s Den (the UK’s version of business ideas reality program Shark Tank) to appearances at stores, trade shows and live events all over the world, the Giant iTab is a customer engagement secret weapon that’s no longer a secret.

In fact, the Giant iTab has won multiple prestigious industry awards. These include a 2016 ISE Award for Best Digital Signage Hardware and a 2016 Creative Disruptors Award for Innovation. Put simply, the Giant iTab is a proven asset for the interactive display of digital content and information.

These 27-, 42- and 55-inch giant tablet screens are all enormously popular with companies and organisations across a wide array of sectors including retail, education, government, app development and more.

What makes a giant tablet special? Well, customers can rely on it to provide an experience in line with the latest smartphone technology and easy-to-use functionality. It’s everything it promises to be – massive in size yet simple in operation. According to Mark Jones, founder of London firm Giant iTab, “The product’s value is in its ability to replicate consumer experience on a larger scale.”


So, we know the Giant iTab is a popular piece of hardware. But what are its key features? And further, how can it directly benefit your customers and therefore your business?

Familiarity gives the Giant iTab its biggest competitive edge. Live demonstration of applications is easy using the built-in iOS, Android and Windows operating systems and Wi-Fi connectivity. Meanwhile, users can interact with digital content on a large scale using advanced yet common controls.

The projective-capacitive interface is identical to all the leading smartphones and tablets on the market. Therefore, customers can tap, touch, multi-touch and drag with instantaneous response to make the most of the device’s interactivity. For example, the 55-inch Giant iTab features integrated 10 point MultiTouch Display for the smooth control to which we’ve all become accustomed.

Attendees of exhibitions and other business events appreciate this kind of efficient interactivity when completing registrations, entering competitions, signing up for future communications, accessing content, browsing relevant websites, watching videos, and doing anything else that might otherwise involve paperwork, queues or crowds. The Giant iTab stand out everywhere and does just about everything you could hope for in a giant tablet.

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