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Work from home with ipads - hire intelligence au
Embracing Remote Work with iPad Rentals

There has been a big increase in the popularity of working from home, largely due to advancements in technology and… Read More

Ipads can improve business efficiency
iPads can Improve Business Efficiency, Productivity and Communication in 2023. Here’s how

In recent years, Apple iPads have proven themselves to be a great means to improve business efficiency. Their unique features… Read More

Ipad or laptop for business - hire intelligence
Should you use iPads or Laptops for your Business?

Technology is constantly evolving to become even more convenient for people. Business owners that allow their company to evolve with… Read More

Ipad or laptop for business - hire intelligence
4 Ways to Leverage Business-Friendly iPad Features in iOS 15

Introduction: Apple’s iPad, coupled with the power of iOS 15, continues to be a game-changer for professionals on the move.… Read More

Business presentation - laptops vs ipads vs hybrid
iPads vs Laptops vs Hybrids – Which Device is Best for Your Business?

  Modern advancements in technology mean running your business effectively has become easier than ever. Activities that were once inefficient… Read More

Giant itab
Bring Your Space to Life With a Giant Tablet Rental

Large display screens make a great visual impact. Tablets like the iPad are packed with cool features and are easy… Read More

Choose the Latest Microsoft Surface Pro for Power and Portability

When it comes to tablet-style 2-in-1s for Windows users, there’s little doubt the 2017 Microsoft Surface Pro upholds the market-leading… Read More

Work from home with ipads - hire intelligence
5 Enhanced Ways to Utilize iPad Notes: A Comprehensive Guide

The iPad Notes application might look ordinary at first glance, but when utilized to its full potential, it can be… Read More

Transitioning from PC to iPad: A Comprehensive Guide to Enhanced Productivity

Switching from a traditional desktop or laptop computer to Apple’s iPad might seem like a drastic change, but it doesn’t… Read More

5 Tips for Managing iPad Storage

Introduction: While iPads offer unparalleled convenience, their limited storage can pose challenges. When your iPad’s storage is running low, employing… Read More

5 Ways to Increase iPad Productivity

With an iPad in your bag it’s easy to get things done. Here are a few tips to help business… Read More

Use an iPad to Stay on Top of Business When You’re Trying to Get Away from it All

We don’t all have the luxury of being able to disappear off the face of the Earth between public holidays.… Read More

5 Ways to Use Evernote on Your iPad to Get Things Done

Evernote on the iPad is not just a note-taking tool; it’s an all-encompassing productivity enhancer that can transform the way… Read More

Simplify Office Printing with Apple AirPrint: A Hassle-Free Solution for Printing Business Documents from iPad and iPhone

1: Simplify Office Printing with Apple AirPrint Office printing from iPads and iPhones can be challenging, but Apple AirPrint offers… Read More

Tile Helps You Find Lost Gear, Including Your iPad

A tiny tracker small enough to fit on your office keys, the Tile lets you track down lost gear. It… Read More

Manage Your iPad Business Apps with Apple’s Volume Purchase Program and MDM

You don’t need to purchase and install business apps individually across your fleet of iPhones and iPads. Apple makes it easy… Read More

Apple Handoff Makes it Easy to Pick Up Where You Left Off

Apple’s smartphones, tablets, watches and Macs are designed to work in unison. Everything is synced so you can easily jump… Read More

Stretch Your iPad’s Battery Life Through a Long Working Day

Your precious iPad is little more than an expensive paperweight if it runs out of juice, so it’s worth learning… Read More

The Best iPad Business Travel Apps for Staying Productive on the Road

It’s easy to slip an iPad into your travel bag, but they’re only as useful as the iPad business apps… Read More

Turn Your iPad into a Document Scanner

Don’t lug around important business documents and notes scribbled on scraps of paper. It’s easier to stay organised by using your… Read More

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