Tile Helps You Find Lost Gear, Including Your iPad

TileA tiny tracker small enough to fit on your office keys, the Tile lets you track down lost gear. It also helps you find a misplaced smartphone or tablet.

It’s easy to lose things during a business work day. No one wants to scour the office in search of important gear when they’re supposed to be rushing out the door to attend an important meeting or catch a flight. This is when Tile can save the day.

The Tile is a tiny GPS tracker designed to attach to your precious possessions. The Tile Mate, Sport and Style have a loop on the corner that can slot onto a keyring or perhaps the zipper of a laptop bag or suitcase. Meanwhile, the Tile Slim is thin enough to slip in your wallet. Accessories include a luggage tag and adhesive strips, which let you attach a tracker to almost anything.

Keep in touch

These trackers talk to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. They regularly report their location so you know where to look when you can’t find your keys.

If you’ve misplaced your keys you can call up their last known location in a map in the Tile mobile app or on the Tile website. If that’s not enough, the entire Tile user base can come to your aid, with every Tile app on the lookout for your tracker. They’ll report back to you if they detect your Tile, while preserving your privacy.

Search high and low

Of course GPS is only precise enough to tell you that your keys are still somewhere in the building. It can’t tell you whether they’re in your desk drawer or behind the filing cabinet. Thankfully, the Tile Mate, Sport and Style have a built-in speaker. If you’re within Bluetooth range, you can tap the button in your smartphone or tablet app to make the Tile beep. Then, you can find its hiding spot.

The Sport and Style offer twice the Bluetooth range of the standard Tile Mate. Additionally, the beeper is twice as loud, so you can hear them from further away. They’re also waterproof with an IP68 rating, meaning they can surviving complete submersion for at least 30 minutes.

Call back

Thankfully, it’s a two-way process, as you can press the button on the tracker to make the app beep when you can’t find your smartphone or tablet. You can also see your device’s location in a map via the Tile website.

If you need to find lost items quickly and can’t afford to waste time rummaging through your office then maybe a Tile tracker would be a smart business investment.

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