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5 Ways to Use an iPad Like a PC

use an iPadSwitching from a traditional computer to Apple’s iPad can be a smooth transition if you bring across a few PC-style tricks to ensure you remain productive throughout the day. You can use an iPad just like a PC.

  1. Use a keyboard cover

You can get a lot done with an iPad’s touchscreen. However, when you need to type a long document you might find things easier with a real keyboard at your fingertips rather than tapping away on a slab of glass.

You can connect any external Bluetooth keyboard, but you’ll also find iPad cases with a built-in keyboard. They fold closed like a notebook. With a kickstand on the back of the case, you can stand your iPad upright when it’s time to write long documents. You can still use an iPad.

  1. Learn keyboard shortcuts

They’re not just for PCs. You can also take advantage of keyboard shortcuts when using an iPad to cut, copy, paste and perform lots of other tasks.

Some iPad-friendly keyboards also have a row of function keys across the top, with dedicated multimedia, dictation and brightness keys along with the ability to quickly lock the screen.

  1. Install desktop-style Office apps

There are plenty of Office suites for iOS but if you stick with Microsoft Office then you’ve got familiar apps at your fingertips such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote.

Sticking with Microsoft Office means you don’t run into format issues when saving and sharing documents. This makes it easier to work with customers and collaborate with colleagues regardless of their devices.

  1. Sync your documents

Rather than keeping all your documents locked away on your iPad, sync them to the cloud using an online storage service. This way you can sync your files between all your devices, to ensure you’re always working with the latest version of your documents as you jump between devices during the day.

Syncing your files to the cloud also makes it easier to collaborate on documents. Plus, you’ve got a backup should your iPad come to grief.

  1. Access your desktop email

Rather than using the old POP3 email protocol, upgrade to IMAP or Exchange. These keep your inbox in sync across your devices. They can also access your contacts, calendar and notes. This makes it much easier to stay organised, regardless of which device you’re using.

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