5 Ways to Increase iPad Productivity

Ipad productivityWith an iPad in your bag it’s easy to get things done. Here are a few tips to help business users to increase iPad productivity.

Streamline the Notification Centre

The ability to see important notifications at a glance is a real time saver. It’s important to ensure the Notification Centre displays your most important messages while remaining uncluttered.

Dive into your iPad’s notifications settings and you can control what kinds of notifications each app can display. Don’t be afraid to disable those you don’t need.

Install Today screen widgets

Place your finger above the iPad’s screen and swipe down to bring up the Notification list, then swipe right to see the Today screen. Scroll to the bottom and tap edit to modify your list of widgets. Apart from notifications, widgets can also display shortcuts in apps like Evernote and alerts such as travel times and traffic conditions from Google Maps.

Organise the Share Sheet

Many iOS apps feature a share button. It looks like a box with an arrow pointing up or sometimes to the right. The button displays the Share Sheet, offering a wide range of options for sending content to others or opening it in specific apps.

Rather than wasting time scrolling across to find what you need, scroll to the end and tap More. Now you can add or remove items and reorder them to ensure the options you need regularly are always visible.

Create text shortcuts

Text shortcuts let you use shorthand to quickly bash out messages in any application. You can edit them under the Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement menu.

By default you’ll see “omw”, which pops up the autocorrect option “On my way!”. However, you can add entire phrases. Something like “afmd” for “Thanks, I’m away from my desk right now but I’ll get back to you later today” can make life easier when you’re on the move.

Set email reply notifications

Email reply notifications ensure you won’t overlook an important message, or miss out on key information in an email chain.

When you’re composing an email in Apple’s Mail app, you can enable notifications for that specific conversation by tapping the bell icon that appears when you start typing your Subject line. Alternatively, you can open an email in your Inbox or Sent Items, tap on the flag icon and select “Notify Me”. Tap the flag again for the “Stop Notifying” option.

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