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Enhance your two-factor securityTwo factor authentication (2FA) is a great enhanced security feature when securing your online accounts, but relying on text messages to receive your 2FA codes can be the weak link in the chain.

Many online services offer 2FA as an extra layer in your security defences, ensuring people can’t break into your account even if they know your login and password. It works by demanding extra proof of your identity when you log into your account from a new device for the first time.

Two-factor authentication relies on both something you know, and something you have, to confirm your... Read More


Making the most of note-taking appsApple’s iPads are serious productivity tools, but to get things done you need the right apps and services at your disposal.

While the humble notepad and pen have served us well for many years, it’s worth considering the advantages of taking your business into the digital age. Admittedly, it’s quick and easy to jot down notes on a piece of paper, but switching to note-taking apps makes it easier to save, search, share, archive and back up those precious business notes to keep them safe should disaster strike. Digital note-taking can also be another stepping stone in the journey towards the paperless office.

There’s no shortage of note-taking apps for the iPad in... Read More


What are your wirelessInternet access can be mission critical when you’re doing business on the road, so it pays to plan ahead to ensure you can stay online when you need it most.

Chances are your smartphone can generate a Wi-Fi hotspot, which is certainly handy for getting one or two devices online when you’re working away from your desk. Unfortunately, this typically won’t cut it when you’re setting up for a mobile business event, especially if you need to network a collection of wired and wireless devices so they can talk to each other and the internet.

Running a dedicated Wi-Fi hotspot means you’re not at the mercy of your smartphone’s battery life. It also offers a stronger Wi-Fi signal that can reach further, along with more... Read More


What are the differences between the Oculus RiftVirtual reality (VR) offers a great way to impress your clients, but don’t make the mistake of assuming all VR headsets are the same.

VR isn’t just for gaming and whisking people away to a world of make believe – it’s also a powerful business tool. It’s the perfect way to share your big ideas with clients, show potential customers what you offer, or simply bring your business data to life in the boardroom.

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connect-20333_1280Rather than just relying on logins and passwords to protect your business, two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to keep out uninvited guests.

Two-factor authentication relies on both something you know and something you have in order to confirm your identity. The something you know is your password, while the something you have is a single-use code sent to your phone via SMS. You need both to log into your account – just one isn’t enough.

The benefit of two-factor authentication is that it stops hackers breaking into your online... Read More