What is a Brand Activation? And, How Can Technology Level Up Your Next Campaign

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In this technological age, businesses need effective ways of differentiating themselves from the competition. Important elements such as marketing campaigns, technology and brand identity should be clear-cut and true to your business goals.

So, you may be asking, what is a brand activation strategy? Brand activation, or marketing activation, is simply the process of increasing awareness of, and engagement with, your brand. Specifically referring to getting your brand from one state to another (better) state. This doesn’t just apply to new businesses but also established businesses undergoing rebranding—the new brand needs to be ‘activated’ in people’s minds before it can be of use.

It is so important because, along with increasing revenue, brand activation is also about creating an emotional connection between potential customers and your brand. This helps your brand stick in their minds, making them more likely to become loyal customers.

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Turbocharge Your Brand Activation Campaign with Tech

In the era of tech, what is a marketing activation strategy that doesn’t utilise technology? You just might see a huge amount of success from asking yourself what is a brand activation strategy that works for us? There are so many great benefits to incorporating tech into your brand activation strategy, including:

  • Increased engagement and interactivity
  • Demonstrate how forward-thinking your business is
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Improved communication
  • Reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness
  • Become more accessible
  • Communicate more product and brand information

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Revolutionise Your Brand Activation with These Cutting-Edge Tech Solutions

When deciding on which technology solutions to utilise for your brand activation, it’s important to first ask yourself; what is a marketing activation that’ll make your business soar? Think outside of the box, and decide on your digital marketing strategies and budget. The tools that would work best may even be obvious once you have a solid strategy in place—but either way, it is important to know what technology is at your disposal.

AR/VR: A New Reality Awaits

Many businesses are introducing augmented reality or virtual reality into their experiential marketing activation strategy. This expansion into the digital landscape means businesses can better connect and communicate with their audiences, offering them a more immersive customer service experience.

For your business, demonstrate new products or services with an AR/VR experiential marketing campaign, tease products before their release and show your target audience that you are forward-thinking.

 Interactive Displays: Engage, Inform, and Amaze

This tech encourages consumers to remain engaged with your products for longer periods of time, allowing them to control the content they view and, ultimately, personalise their experience.

For your business, use interactive displays to display more product information, and create jaw-dropping visual appeal -spreading your brand awareness while freeing up customer service staff to tackle other mission-critical tasks.

Live Streaming: Be There, Even When You’re Not

Live streaming events, presentations and product launches are like a digital doorway to your brand, making your brand experience more accessible to a global audience. It shows you understand your audience’s need for convenience and the ability to control the pace of the content.

For your business, utilise live streaming for experiential marketing campaigns to promote new products, speak directly with your audience and build excitement for an upcoming event—plus answer any burning questions.

RFID/NFC: The Future of Connection

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFC) are the dynamic duos of wireless data-sharing, enabling rapid communication from one point to another, significantly increasing data transmission speed. NFC—a newer form of RFID technology—allows short-range two-way communication between compatible devices. These methods are wildly popular, with NFC now a staple in modern mobile phones and most credit cards.

For your business, RFID or NFC can be used to effortlessly share your contact information with potential customers, track loyalty and rewards points like a digital treasure map, or advertise coupons that are too good to pass up.

LED Video Walls: Let Your Message Shine

These buildable LED screens are completely customisable in size and shape, depending on how many you choose to hire. They can display your desired content with minimal visual distractions thanks to the sheer amount of screen real estate.

For your business, use LED screens to capture customers’ attention with visually appealing content, display more product information and improve communication with as many people as possible.

Mobile Apps: Keep Your Brand in Their Pocket

With smartphones practically glued to our hands, mobile apps offer businesses a way to stay connected with customers no matter where they roam. Brands need to be online to be seen by a huge proportion of their audience and investing the energy into creating an engaging mobile app is an excellent way to stay relevant and connected. Establishing your business on social media is another great brand strategy to connect with people in new ways.

For your business, A mobile app allows customers to browse and purchase your products, submit questions, use exclusive offers and find out more about your brand, at their fingertips.

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Choose the Right Technology That’ll Catapult Your Campaign to Success

In order to select the right technology for your marketing activation campaign, you need to determine your budget and what you want your key focal features to be. It may be helpful to look at what tech your competition utilises—noticing whether it is working well for them or not—and determine from there which is going to integrate well into your brand identity.

For example, if you want to maximise visual appeal, utilise LED video walls or interactive displays to attract more customers during your launch event or store opening. This approach not only captivates potential customers but also showcases your brand’s forward-thinking attitude and eagerness to communicate clearly with your audience.

Brand activation begins here - hire intelligence au

Brand activation begins here

What is a marketing activation strategy that bankrupts you before you’ve started? At Hire Intelligence, we have a huge range of state-of-the-art technology available to hire on short- or long-term contracts. If you want to save on huge upfront costs and are ready to launch your marketing activation strategy, reach out to our friendly team today to see how our high-quality technology and expert support can help your business.




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