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4 Reasons Office Equipment Hire is a Smart Business Decision

Whether you need a particular piece of equipment in a hurry or you would like to trial some of the… Read More

Go Bigger and Bolder with a Custom Video Wall

If you want audio-visual content or promotional messages to seriously stand out from the crowd, you need to think bigger… Read More

How eSports has Grown in 2018

eSports is the world’s fastest growing sport. Yet it doesn’t involve a ball, a pitch or any physical activity at… Read More

Take Advantage of a Book Device – a Laptop and Tablet in One

You may be yet to use a book device – a hybrid tablet/laptop that specialises in everything. However, chances are you’ve… Read More

Launch New Products with the Latest IT and Audio Visual Equipment

Hosting a launch event to celebrate and promote the arrival of a brand new product? The best and latest IT… Read More

4 Ways New Technologies Enhance the Value of Market Research

Various forms of market research – from simple to sophisticated – have existed for about as long as organisations have… Read More

What is the Latest Medical Technology?

If you’re looking for a sector where technology moves at a frightening speed, then modern medicine is certainly up there.… Read More

Create Event-based Social Media Buzz with New “Foto ATM”

New technology continues to disrupt and reinvent long-established products and services. Hence, the next reinvention of a popular item is… Read More

What’s the Best Way to Launch a Product in Today’s Market​?

The process required to launch a product in the market has transformed beyond recognition over the last couple of decades. In… Read More

Create a Better Interactive Experience using the Giant iTab

Some events are well supported by bulk hire of small, portable IT devices like tablets and smartphones. However, in other… Read More

Choose the Latest Microsoft Surface Pro for Power and Portability

When it comes to tablet-style 2-in-1s for Windows users, there’s little doubt the 2017 Microsoft Surface Pro upholds the market-leading… Read More

2018 VR Technology Trends

When you look at the growth trajectory of virtual reality (VR) technology over the last few years, it’s clear that… Read More

Take Corporate Training to the Next Level with the Right Technology

You’ve developed a comprehensive corporate training program. You’ve registered a healthy number of participants. Perhaps you’ve even invited a special… Read More

Optoma’s EH500 4700 Lumen Full HD Data Projector is a Business All-rounder

Does your business tend to rely on multiple projectors to perform a variety of visual presentation tasks? Perhaps, then, it’s time… Read More

What Are People Saying About the Giant iTab?

What do current users think of our latest offering? Hire Intelligence is excited to be the exclusive Australian source for… Read More

How to Use the Giant iTab

The Giant iTab is exclusive to Hire Intelligence and could be just the thing you need for your next event.… Read More

Why Exhibitions are Still Important for Businesses

These days, brands are fighting each other for scraps on social media and marketing relentlessly online. It makes you wonder… Read More

The Importance of Workplace Training and Development

Photo by NEONBRAND Workplace training can be an extremely cost-effective way to expand the skills and knowledge base of your… Read More

5 Ways to Make the Most of iPad Notes

It might seem like the most basic of apps, but iPad Notes has a lot to offer as a productivity… Read More

Get to Know Your Customers With a CRM System

Your customers are one of your most valuable business assets. It’s worth getting to know them better with a Customer… Read More

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