How can VR be used in business?

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In today’s digital age, where the line between the real and virtual worlds is becoming increasingly blurred, businesses are constantly seeking new ways to innovate. Enter virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), immersive technologies that have evolved far beyond the gaming industry. Now, businesses across the board ask, “How can VR be used in business to gain an edge in the market?

The basics: what are VR and AR?

Virtual reality (VR) immerses users in a completely virtual environment using virtual reality headsets, whereas, augmented reality (AR) overlays virtual objects onto the real environment through devices like head-mounted displays or smartphones.

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How AR & How can VR be Used in Business to succeed

Revamping the work environment with VR/AR technology

Traditional business meetings are getting a revamp. Instead of relying on slide shows, imagine discussing product development in a 3D virtual environment where designs come alive in real time. Beyond meetings, the work environment can be enriched by fostering a company culture where employees can interact in virtual spaces, promoting better collaboration.

Advanced VR training and simulations

Employee training is witnessing a revolution. Companies are leveraging VR simulations to onboard new employees in an immersive way. These VR experiences, set in VR environments that mirror real-life situations, are proving more engaging and effective than conventional training methods. For instance, new employees in the automotive industry can familiarise themselves with a new car model using VR technology before it even hits production. Or, FIFO workers can simulate hands-on training experiences without the physical risks or constraints, leading to faster and more effective employee training.

Marketing and brand engagement

Brands are taking advertising to a new dimension. With VR and AR, immersive ad campaigns transport potential customers directly into product launches or interactive brand stories, creating a memorable and personalised customer engagement journey. VR is allowing businesses to create unique and compelling ways to engage their audience, creating more memorable and impactful brand experiences.

The new frontier of customer service

Customer experience is paramount, and businesses are employing VR and AR technology to enhance it. Virtual showrooms allow customers to test-drive a new car or explore real estate properties from the comfort of their homes. On the other hand, AR technology assists in real-time customer service, overlaying helpful information on real-world products or spaces.

Product development in the virtual world

Imagine beginning the design process in a virtual space, where changes can be made in real time, testing different scenarios and adapting based on feedback—all without the constraints of the physical world. This can speed up innovation and reduce costs significantly.

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Healthcare and medicine

From practising surgeries in realistic VR simulations to AR-assisted patient rehabilitation exercises, the healthcare sector is witnessing a revolution. Telehealth consultations via AR can give practitioners vital real-time information overlay, enhancing patient care. This utilisation in healthcare is improving medical training, procedure planning, and patient care, leading to better health outcomes and increased efficiency.

Gaming industry: not just for play

While VR’s roots are in the gaming industry, its applications now span various sectors. Companies are learning from game designers about creating engaging VR experiences and applying them in areas like employee training or customer service.

Entertainment beyond gaming

Entertainment is not restricted to traditional media. Virtual cinemas offer audiences immersive movie experiences, while AR-enhanced live concerts provide additional layers of interactivity and engagement, making every event unique.

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Education and EdTech

Educational institutions are on the cusp of a digital transformation. With VR, students can take virtual field trips or experience historical events first-hand. Meanwhile, AR aids in complex subject visualisations, providing interactive, enriched learning experiences. Immersive learning experiences are leading to improved educational outcomes and enhanced engagement for students.

E-commerce integration

Online shopping is becoming an immersive experience. AR enables customers to visualise products in their space, whether it’s trying on clothes virtually or visualising a new sofa in the living room. Such AR integrations significantly enhance customer confidence and reduce return rates.

Security and surveillance

Enhancing safety and monitoring, VR and AR technologies are being utilised for security training simulations and augmented real-time surveillance systems, providing comprehensive spatial awareness and threat detection capabilities.

Bringing real estate to life

Real estate is not just about physical tours anymore. With VR technology, potential buyers can experience properties in immersive environments, turning what used to be mere floor plans into tangible experiences.

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Hardware and software evolution

The VR and AR tech landscape is evolving rapidly. Leading the charge are products like the Oculus Quest 2 and more enterprise-focused HTC Vive Focus 3 & PICO Neo 3 Pro VR headsets which are renowned for their portability and wireless capabilities. With continuous advancements, these devices offer increasingly immersive experiences powered by equally robust software platforms, enabling more seamless integration of VR and AR in diverse sectors.

The Future is now

In the coming years, as VR and AR technology becomes more advanced and accessible, their influence on business, from company culture to customer experience, will only grow. Whether it’s enhancing the work environment, redefining training, or transforming customer service, VR and AR are here to stay, reshaping business in unprecedented ways.

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