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Rent audioAudiovisual support is crucial to carrying out a successful event.

AV equipment such as plasma LCD and LED screens, projectors, presentation visual aids, HD and 4K screens, video walls, staging, speakers, and microphones have become a vital part of an event. No matter what type of event you are organising, success will depend on your AV rental selection. We understand the needs of your event and work according to your budget. From the setup of AV equipment to its usage, our professional team will provide assistance throughout the event.

Create High Impact Using AV Rentals

Our team is continuously upgrading and updating our inventory so that you always get to rent the latest technology. Our inventory consists of the most current AV equipment from one of the best manufacturers in the industry. Our video walls are made to create high-impact viewing for the audience. Moreover, our on-site directors and technicians will ensure your video walls function well throughout the event. We have interactive touch screens that can enhance your meetings and presentations and deliver your message more effectively. Furthermore, our audio equipment will amplify the effect and keep your audience entertained. We are proficient in installing, setting up, and taking down the best sound systems for an event. Apart from these, we also deliver staging and lighting rentals.

Buying vs. Renting AV Equipment

Balancing cost and quality is the most important factor for a successful event. However, being cost effective doesn’t mean that you should compromise on the quality of your AV equipment. Following are the points that should be considered before buying or renting AV equipment:

Obsolescence of equipment

If you buy AV equipment, it will soon get obsolete as new technology keeps appearing rapidly. Instead of investing in AV equipment, it’s better to go for AV rental and save the day.

Repair and maintenance

The maintenance and repair of AV equipment is an ongoing process. However, renting AV equipment will free you from the hassles of repairing and maintaining the equipment as they are our tasks and we provide you with the best cutting-edge technology whenever you want.

The right equipment for the event

Different events have different requirements and it isn’t necessary that the equipment you own will suit all purposes. The wrong size and type of equipment can be a pain in the neck and give a bad impression of your organisation or business. We plan and deliver the best AV equipment to give a professional look to your event according to its requirements.

Cost effectiveness

Buying AV equipment can be very expensive as all the variable costs such as repair, maintenance, and spare parts add to the total cost. Moreover, you can save a lot of your time which, otherwise, would be spent setting up, installing, and taking down equipment.

Keeping in mind the above points, you can make a decision of buying or renting AV equipment. The last thing to remember is professionalism. Only an experienced AV Hire service can give a professional touch to your event by providing the cutting-edge technology.

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