Launch New Products with the Latest IT and Audio Visual Equipment

Launch new products with the latest it and audio visual equipmentHosting a launch event to celebrate and promote the arrival of a brand new product? The best and latest IT and audio visual equipment is designed to help you put on a spectacular show that people remember for all the right reasons.

Here are five types of technology and their potential applications to consider when planning that important product launch.


It’s highly likely there will be key stakeholders in the room. These might include potential buyers, investors, partners, marketers, journalists, business development managers, external sales agents and more. Clearly, you’ll want to make an immediate and positive impact on this highly engaged audience. Look no further than a massive freestanding or wall-mounted video wall for a seriously impressive seamless display. It takes less than an hour for a video wall rental to be up and running. However, the sheer size and outstanding picture quality will leave a lasting impression.


In the modern world, interactivity is often the key to a successful marketing campaign. Don’t simply promote your new product; promote it using a fully interactive touchscreen to deliver a superb presentation to your target audience. Touchscreen devices offer broad functionality from single point touch for controlling software such as Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint to multi-touch technology for more complex and engaging applications.


Describing and demonstrating your big innovation is one thing. However, allowing people to actually discover its features and benefits for themselves is how true connections are formed. The Giant iTab, for example, is tailor made for this kind of interactive experience. Encourage attendees to explore the product demo videos pre-loaded on your novelty-sized replica tablet device. Better yet, engage with the technology in real time through your smartphone/tablet partner app.


You can’t run a successful business event without a reliable internet connection for both your team and your guests. Therefore, to ensure your brand is ready to show its best side, establish powerful Wi-Fi using a wireless router or gateway solution. Only with a robust wireless internet solution can you begin the launch party feeling assured that any presentations, demonstrations or audience participation activities will go as smoothly as possible.


Whatever the venue layout, equipment setup or event running order, you need a customised selection of audio visual and IT accessories to complement your essential equipment. Put simply, the big bits can’t shine without the little bits. By hiring quality audio and video distribution solutions including splitters, adapters, mixers, switchers and converters, as well as input devices like wireless keyboards and mice trackballs or server accessories such as host bus adapters (HBAs), you reduce the risk of an awkward tech-related disaster.

After all, it always pays to be prepared when launching a product in front of a live crowd.

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