What to Look for in Your AV Rental Company

Rental projection equipmentChoosing the right AV rental company is critical to the success of your event.

If you have to rent audio visual equipment, the chances are that you have to plan an important event and a lot of people are counting on you to make it happen and ensure that everything goes smoothly. In such a case, your AV hire decision is of utmost importance because choosing the wrong supplier or failing to set it up can have consequences. Worst case scenario is that it ends up ruining your entire event, while the best case scenario is that it has a negative impact on the event’s success.

If you think that the audio visual equipment provider that you’re renting from is insignificant, think again. Selecting a reliable and trustworthy AV rental company is as important to your event’s success as the AV equipment itself. So when you’re choosing your audio visual equipment rental provider, these are some guidelines to consider.

On-Site Support

One of the most important things that you’ll need from the provider is on-site support from an AV expert. This mainly depends on the scope and size of the venue, the complexity of your AV equipment, and your own expertise and experience.

Most of the best AV rental companies provide on-site support. Even if the company isn’t local or has staff available in that location, they do have agreements with other AV equipment providers that may be subcontracted to provide on-site support.

Even if your event doesn’t require on-site support, the fact that your AV equipment company is offering it shows that you’re doing business with a company that offers remarkable customer service.

No Conflict of Interest

Many local venues have some AV equipment providers tied to them. Such venues usually offer audio visual equipment rental and on-site support at inflated rates to the participants of the event. However, if you choose to go directly to an AV company instead of renting through the venue, you may be saving 100% to 200% on the rental costs.

Expertise and Experience

You should find a rental company with a large inventory, years of experience, and a high level of expertise. Find a rental company that is willing to serve not only as an equipment provider but also as a proactive advisor.

Today’s technology and equipment are very advanced, and only the true experts of the industry can help you out with problems such as compatibility issues. They can enhance your event by recommending ideal equipment choices to match your specific venue and needs.

Very often customers end up paying extra for HD screens and projectors, but they don’t have an HD computer to support the projector. It doesn’t matter if your projector has HD capability as long as your computer doesn’t have HD capacity. Mismatch of equipment can lead to your event suffering as the quality of audio and visual may be affected.

On-Time Service

Last but not least, on-time delivery of equipment is also essential. If you’re looking for such an equipment rental company, you can check out Hire Intelligence. and know more Why to Hire Intelligence for  AV Rental Equipment

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