Optoma’s EH500 4700 Lumen Full HD Data Projector is a Business All-rounder

Data projectorDoes your business tend to rely on multiple projectors to perform a variety of visual presentation tasks? Perhaps, then, it’s time to scale back the expenses. You can keep things simple by hiring one versatile and portable model for all your different applications.

Optoma’s EH500 4700 Lumen Full HD Data Projector is a little machine that ticks a lot of boxes. Why worry about which projector to take to an event? Instead, you can trust this data display all-rounder to get just about any job done.

It’s a data projector that shines in small spaces…

The Optoma EH500 weighs 3.6kg, with external dimensions of 326 x 254 x 104mm. As such, it’s compact enough to be a temporary office projector shared among internal departments. However, it can also be used in medium-to-large boardrooms or transported in a soft carry bag – along with all required cabling – by sales and marketing executives going to off-site meetings.

At the low end of its projection range the EH500 projects a screen of 720mm. This makes it suitable for basic applications like PowerPoint presentations and video screenings for groups of 20+ people.

This Optoma EH500 will Add Punch to Your Presentations with a Boardroom Projector

Among its many useful features, the EH500 provides a full suite of inputs that include:

  • Dual HDMI
  • Dual VGA
  • DisplayPort
  • Component video
  • Composite video
  • S-Video
  • VGA Loop

With this in mind, connectivity and compatibility should never be an issue. Additionally, the projector offers optional full-function remote and 3D display with optional glasses. So if you to make this projector a semi-permanent fixture in your boardroom setup, you’re in luck. The unit comes equipped to be mounted to the ceiling as desired.


One of the main advantages the EH500 has over comparable solutions is its efficient design and robust performance for its size and price category. When you take it from the boardroom to a significantly larger space like a theatre or exhibition centre, the EH500 still delivers impressive brightness and sharpness. This is thanks to its 4700 lumen output and FullHD 1920 x 1080 resolution.

The EH500 is able to project a screen up to 8.7 metres (measured diagonally) at 1,200-12,000mm throw. The hardware holds its own when used for more demanding projection applications like trade-show presentations. It’s great for product launches, too.

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