5 Reasons to Hire a Projector for your Next Event

Are you thinking of hiring a projector for your next event but are not sure how to get the most value from your investment? Perhaps you’ve been to conferences or training sessions and have been impressed by how projectors have been used to bring the events to life?

The truth is there’s a lot more that can be done with projectors than most businesses realise. And with projector hire and projector screen hire deals bringing the cost right down, this is technology every small business can now access.

Hire a projector

Here are five reasons why projector rental could be the perfect choice for your next event…

1. Digitally reproduce content

Electronic whiteboards are a particularly popular part of our projector screen hire service for applications where copies of the work need to be distributed. Whatever has been written on the electronic whiteboard can simply be saved to USB and emailed to attendees or printed in full colour and handed out at the event. This is an effective way to keep the key points of your event at the forefront of the attendees’ minds.

2. Share event-related social media

What better way to make your attendees feel a part of something than by using one of the many tools out there to aggregate social media comments and photos about the event. They can then be shared and displayed for all to see using a projector. This can include posts that appear on the social media profile of the event or those that use event-specific hashtags.

To improve the interactivity of the event, you can even rent a projector to display questions that have been asked on social media that those giving the presentation or talk can answer.

3. Invoke a sense of nostalgia

Nothing creates a sense of nostalgia quite like 35mm slides. They might be a thing of the past, but viewed through our Kodak Carousel Slide Projector, they still create a big, bright image which has vastly higher resolution than most affordable digital technology screens.

4. Create a light show

Using free open source software called MusicBeam, you can create your very own light show for any piece of music to add a sense of occasion to product launches and other promotional events. All you need is to hire a high-lumen projector and you can make a one-of-a-kind light show to create the feel of a big budget event.

5. Show off company assets

If you have booth space at an event or are launching a product then what better way to showcase your wares than with high-quality, eye-catching images that paint your new products or business in the very best light. Video projector hire care be used to share essential business collateral that can market your business. The tone of your event will help you choose the most suitable images to display, but the content could include demonstration videos, new product stills or images from your catalogue or website.

Want to know more? Just browse our range of projector rental options and get in touch if you need any help.

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