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Benefits of Projector Hire for Your Event

Are you weighing up the benefits of projector hire in Melbourne? From saving money to accessing cutting-edge technology, read on to discover the benefits of hiring a projector and projector screen for your next event.


Sticking to your budget while staging events can be tricky for business owners and events managers, but Hire Intelligence is here to help! Thanks to our range of projectors, screens and other accessories available to rent, you can put on an innovative, effective and professional event in Melbourne without spending huge amounts of money. Why fork out to buy a projector that you may only use a couple of times a year when you can hire one as and when you need it instead?


Hiring a projector for your event is not just a shrewd idea financially, it has other benefits for your business too. We stock projection equipment that is at the forefront of modern technology, and our rental service allows you to harness that technology whenever you need it. That’s far better than being left with an outdated piece of equipment that you’ve spent a fortune on! What’s more, projector rental also gives you access to some useful additional technology. For example, a projector can be combined with an Electronic Whiteboard that features multiple drawing surfaces. Why not hold an interactive session as part of your event? The results and workings can then be saved to a USB or printed for later reference and distribution.

There are many things to consider when selecting equipment for a business event, from the size and aspect ratio of a projector screen to the throw, lumens and calibration of a projector. Projectors aren’t one size fits all, and requirements will vary from venue to venue so projector hire is an ideal way to ensure that you always have suitable equipment. Hire Intelligence is at hand to offer practical advice and technical know-how to help you choose the right equipment for your event, and we will also help with the setup and installation of equipment so that you can get on with adding the finishing touches to your event preparation. We also offer continuing support throughout your rental so you won’t have to worry about allocating an extra pair of hands to technical support.

Another benefit of projector hire is the storage space it saves you in your office. Projection equipment and all the necessary accessories can take up a lot of storage space, and can be difficult to transport too. Hiring projection equipment eliminates this problem by keeping your office space decluttered, allowing you to keep your office clear for the things you need day-to-day.

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