Google’s Chromecast is the Perfect Wireless Presentation Tool


Google's chromecast is the perfectWhen you’re trying to make a good impression, Google’s tiny Chromecast streaming dongle offers an easy way to get your message up on the big screen.

The Chromecast is a streaming video dongle that can give any device a display overhaul, as long as it has an HDMI video input. In the lounge room a Chromecast is great for streaming Netflix, hiring movies and watching Catch Up TV – especially as you don’t need to hunt around for the remote control – but Chromecast also has plenty of uses in the office and out on the road.

Plug a Chromecast into a boardroom projector or large monitor and now it’s easy to stream content from your desktop or notebook computer, whether it runs Windows or Mac. You can mirror any Chrome tab browser to the big screen or else show your entire desktop to run presentations from any application. There’s no need to fight with a jungle of video cables and adaptors.

Even better, you can leave your computer on your desk and stream content to the Chromecast directly from an iOS/Android smartphone or tablet. A wide range of apps support Chromecast streaming, plus Android lets you mirror the home screen and almost any app (if you need this flexibility for Apple devices, consider an Apple TV with AirPlay Mirroring).

Along with avoiding cable tangles, driving your presentations from a handheld device means you can walk around the room without the need for a Bluetooth clicker to jump to the next slide.

A Chromecast is particularly useful during a large meeting or joint presentation. Wireless connectivity makes it quick and easy to switch between devices on the fly, without the need to mess around with video cables – ensuring things flow smoothly when different people need to deliver their sections of a presentation.

Likewise, a Chromecast can be a wise addition to your travel bag if you’re meeting with clients and need to quickly throw a presentation on the big screen.

Google might pitch the Chromecast as a home entertainment device, but it’s also a great way to get your big idea or sales pitch in front of the right people.

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