Enhance Business Events and Presentations Using a Samsung Interactive Touch Screen

Want to transform an event or business presentation into a unique, dynamic experience? Large-scale interactive display solutions don’t come much more impressive than Samsung’s DME65-BR 65 Inch Interactive Touch Screen and Smartboard.Enhance business events and presentations using a samsung interactive touch screen

Are you looking for a digital presentation and/or collaboration tool that supports you and your team every step of the way? Look no further than the Samsung DME65-BR. With its bold 65-inch display and multifunction capabilities, it stands out anywhere from the meeting room to the exhibition hall. Indeed, the adaptable device is designed for both interactive touch and e-board or smartboard applications. Therefore, it’s a genuinely engaging all-rounder for efficiently and effectively displaying, writing, editing and sharing important content and ideas.

Concerned about a highly intensive touch application involving key business stakeholders? There’s no need to worry. The DME65-BR’s touch screen delivers an extremely smooth writing experience. Furthermore, the panel features a 10-point infrared multi-touch function. This enables participants to easily select relevant content, add comments, make edits and perform other actions that are visible to the whole group. This kind of versatile interactivity can have a major positive impact on the overall flow of a presentation, meeting, training course or even a brainstorming session.

Interested in interactive and touch applications? You can use your finger or the Stylus Touch to take advantage of the DME65-BR’s embedded Samsung MagicIWB S2 interactive content management software solution. And it gets even better. For quick, independent control of multiple screens and direct access to different text, images, audio, video and other files, simply head to the touch-activated floating menu.


We live in a fast-paced and technology-driven business world. As such, you rely on advanced compatibility and connectivity to ensure a number of participants can view, revise and share various pieces of content via their personal devices. Thanks to the DME65-BR display’s support of compatible signal input sources – including HDMI, DisplayPort, USB ports and more – connectivity and usability for everyone is both simple and extensive. This is a serious advantage of contemporary interactive screens over traditional methods of content display.

In e-board mode, the supplied Stylus and pen tray attaches to the bottom edge of the screen. It replicates standard PC inputs and controls. Furthermore, it removes the need for an externally connected PC when using most of the smartboard functions. Wall and freestanding mounts are also available for hire. Your Samsung touchscreen is sure to add a stylish and professional edge to any set-up.

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