4 Ways New Interactive Technology Improves Your Business Methods

The way we do business is changing. New interactive technology continues to create new opportunities through enhanced communication, collaboration and creativity. How well you embrace the real benefits of interactive technology for business can have a big impact on your future growth and success.

4 ways new interactive technology improves your business methods

Is it time to improve your business methods with an interactive technology rental? Here are four ways to make it happen.


When you hire interactive technology, the core objective is to make it easier for people to access information and engage with important content. This could be your own staff undertaking a training module through a touch screen; multiple stakeholders collaborating with each other from different locations via interactive video conferencing equipment and software; or simply consumers checking out your marketing materials or website content on interactive, web-connected devices you’ve provided.


Every interaction with a prospective customer or client should be geared towards reaching a meaningful result and return on investment for a particular campaign. That could be a sale, a sign-up, a subscription, a survey, or anything else that helps your business in some way. Interactive technology converts business goals into reality. For example, a mobile phone charging kiosk with informational display or a Giant iTab can help visitors find what they’re looking for. Furthermore, it can encourage people to take specific actions; for example, filling out a form, watching a video or entering a competition. The flow-on effects from such actions can in turn drive further customer engagement.


Even before you consider the tangible operating advantages of various interactive technologies, it’s worth noting how powerful this equipment can be as an attention-grabbing tool at business events, exhibitions or even storefronts. Indeed, people tend to immediately notice impressive hardware like interactive kiosks and seamless video walls. They certainly help your brand to stand out in the crowd. And for full audience engagement, you can go a step further. Why not try an interactive live streaming solution that allows people to respond to your video content via their personal devices at live events? Or perhaps an engaging novelty device such as the FotoATM digital photo booth offering live social media integration?


Almost gone are the days of one-size-fits-all sales pitches and business presentations using old-fashioned marketing collateral like a brochure or basic tools like a whiteboard on its own. Delivering messages effectively in the contemporary corporate world often requires an engaging, adaptable approach tailored to your direct audience. How is this achieved? Using new interactive technology such as a smartboard or interactive touch screen combined with modern presentation software to share the most relevant multimedia content and make changes to the pitch as you go.

All in all, the latest interactive technology can truly improve your business methods. Want to discover how new interactive technology can work for your business? Get in touch with the team at Hire Intelligence today.

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