Take Corporate Training to the Next Level with the Right Technology

Corporate trainingYou’ve developed a comprehensive corporate training program. You’ve registered a healthy number of participants. Perhaps you’ve even invited a special guest speaker. However, have you given enough thought to the technology and equipment that will drive your training session toward successful outcomes?


In the past, a simple presentation run on a computer and displayed via a data projector and screen would have been sufficient for most applications. These days, however, the corporate world expects training and education to be more dynamic, more professional, and more interactive.

By taking your sessions to the next level using the latest technology for training, you clearly demonstrate how important it is for participants to engage with and absorb this material. It is therefore worth considering how different types of training could benefit from certain equipment.


Take new staff inductions or training on new products and working procedures, for example. You can make the content as memorable as possible using high-quality IT and audio-visual equipment. You might provide computers, laptops or tablets (connected to a local Wi-Fi network) so individuals can complete their own learning modules and questionnaires. By connecting your devices and training course programs to the cloud, participants can refer back to their notes and responses in future.

Another idea is to set up a video wall. Samsung’s 165-inch 3×3 Semi Seamless Video Wall is a top option. It allows the training facilitator to present prepared content in a clear fashion to a large number of people. For example, when showing training films to a significant intake of employees, contractors or volunteers for a major project or event.


Does your company needs to run a more in-depth, specialised training session? Or are you an independent training provider looking to step up your service for an important client or one-off course? It might be time to go fully interactive.

In this case, the solution could be hiring a touch screen and/or smartboard. For example, Sharp’s 60-inch full HD LCD TV display with MultiPoint infrared touch screen and smartboard capability offers a seriously impressive interactive experience. You can also use a paired device like a PC to run any required control software (such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple’s KeyNote) and display your interactive training course via the smartboard. Alternative options include Nexpro’s 55-inch LCD touch screen display or Samsung’s 65-inch interactive touch screen and smartboard.


Not sure which training equipment will be best for your business needs? Renting different items allows you to test whether a type of technology or a specific model aids the delivery of your educational information. You may find that basic training methods still work best. On the other hand, you may discover some real benefits to investing in the latest technology for training. Either way, you’ll be able to make an informed decision when allocating company budget to the purchase of new equipment.

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