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Large and imposing is the best way to describe the Samsung 165 Inch 3x3 Semi Seamless Video Wall. With a display area measuring over 3.6m wide by 2m high, you can maximise the impact with our video wall solution at Hire Intelligence.

If you are hosting an event, exhibition, or showcase, you will be pleased with our creative audio visual installation. At Hire Intelligence, we offer our Samsung 165 Inch 3x3 Semi Seamless Video Wall so that you can offer an enhanced experience and your guests will be able to watch your presentation from different viewing angles.

Provided for rent with custom built hanging frame, Hire Intelligence can manage the video wall installation of the Samsung 165 Inch 3x3 Semi Seamless screen. Our video wall can be erected in as little as an hour without the need for the endless adjustment and alignment that comes with some other solutions. The frame can either be hung on wall plates or attached to a pair of free-standing trusses which provide flexibility when it comes to mounting height and when dealing with uneven floors. Leave the installation to us and your visual wall be made to fit your style.

The Samsung 165 Inch TV screen is made up of nine Samsung UE55 Series 55" panels which can be connected to a single 1920x1080p HDMI, DVI-D or DisplayPort source and then "daisy chained" via DisplayPort. A splitter of any of the aforementioned connection methods can also be used to add further display screens. At Hire Intelligence, we also have audio solutions that can be rented and installed to complete the specification of your exhibition display.

For those looking to capitalise on the total overall resolution of this Samsung wall, a PC workstation with 9 x digital outputs can be hired which, when configured in multi-display mode, would enable a native resolution of 5760x3240 pixels. Hire Intelligence can provide such a PC for hire with the Samsung 165 Inch 3x3 screen or any of our other video wall offerings.

  • Samsung 165 Inch 3x3 Semi Seamless Video Wall
  • Samsung 165 Inch 3x3 Semi Seamless Video Wall
  • Samsung 165 Inch 3x3 Semi Seamless Video Wall
  • Samsung 165 Inch 3x3 Semi Seamless Video Wall



Samsung 165 Inch 3x3 Semi Seamless Video Wall

External Dimensions: (WxHxD):

3708x2081x~140mm x ~240KG (Including Mounting Frame)

Display Size:

165" (4191mm) Measured Diagonally


FullHD 1920x1080 via Daisy Chain/Split input, 5760x3240 via 9x Video PC


HDMI, DVI-D, DisplayPort 1.2, Component Video, DisplaPort 1.2 Loop-Out

Mounting Options:

Floor Stand, Wall Bracket, Truss Bracket (50mm)


2 x Integrated 10W Full Range


Integrated Video Wall Function, Bezel Compensation, WiFi

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