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6 Benefits of Hiring Digital Signage for Events, Trade Shows and Conferences

The advent of digital signage has massively (and literally) changed the way we look at event marketing, message sharing and overall audience engagement. From static imagery and audio-visual content to live updates and social media feeds, the latest digital displays and electronic posters are now critical technologies in the contemporary commercial landscape.

6 Benefits of Hiring Digital Signage for Events, Trade Shows and Conferences

Here are six benefits of hiring digital signage for events, trade shows and conferences.


Want foot traffic to actually notice and recall your timetables, announcements, emergency information, advertisements, and product demos and descriptions? Attracting and holding audience attention is increasingly difficult in such a cluttered market. Effective use of digital signage can make this happen in a way outdated static displays simply can’t match.


Visual communications technologies like interactive video walls and LED displays allow you to aggregate different content including social media conversations, RSS feeds and live updates while simultaneously promoting products, services and special offers. Deploying a variety of dynamic content on the best modern display equipment helps your organisation provide a more immersive attendee/consumer experience. In turn, this boosts crowd engagement and feedback. This leads to direct measurable success for your sales, marketing and networking campaigns.


Want to rotate venue and event details with a product demonstration video or special promotion? Your options are just as diverse as your brand’s story. Furthermore, everything can be customised from a connected laptop or tablet. Interchangeable and interactive electronic displays have largely replaced traditional signs and posters. The major advantage of being able to concurrently switch the content you display is that you’re not restricted to one single format or campaign throughout an event.


The initial goal might be to deliver creative content directly to attendees, especially prospective customers. However, the follow-up goal should be to analyse the performance of your audio-visual communications. Basically, you need to know what’s making an impact. Some of the latest display tech can track useful sales data and provide information about the success of a digital signage ad via a web-based application.


Ensuring event staff can easily manage all the brand’s content for digital signage is almost as important as creating the content itself. This is where a content management system (CMS) comes into play. Indeed, a CMS enables your people to control interactive kiosks, etc., from any location; update one or multiple screens at the same time; schedule specific messages to target a changing audience, and more.


From a budget and planning perspective, a digital signage rental when and where you need it can be more economical and efficient than printing hundreds of posters and banners that may have a short life span. You will also reduce costs on the storage and logistics of all those materials. Consequently, this means your business focuses on creating high-quality visual content and graphics that work.

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