Selecting Hire Audio Equipment

Selecting an Audio System for a function or event can be tricky due to the many variables that come in to play and the problems that arise if the wrong equipment is selected. Fortunately Hire Intelligence can simplify this process and provide the right gear based on your answers to a few simple questions.

What is the general nature of the requirement?

This question pertains to the general scope of what you want to do. Is the event indoors or outdoors? Will there be a power source? Eg “I want a PA system for a small wedding ceremony in a park. There will be no power source available.” This will get us on the right track toward selecting the right type of solution.

How large is the venue? – This question helps us select the right type of speakers for your application. For small venues, this is fairly simple but larger spaces can be dealt with in different ways depending on the layout. For example, a large open space could be covered with a pair of big speakers at one end of the room, either side of the stage for example. For a large space with internal obstacles such as a trade show floor, then multiple smaller speakers would offer a better end result.

What size and type of audience?

We need to know how many people you want your audio system to cover in the event space and what the nature of that audience will be. Are they sitting, quiet and attentive or are they standing and inattentive (Or some combination thereof)? Standing and inattentive audiences will require larger speakers mounted higher up than a seated, attentive audience in the same space.

What are the intended audio sources?

All manner of inputs can be used with the Audio Systems available from Hire Intelligence. Radio Microphones are a popular choice and available in Hand Held, Lapel/Lavaliere (Clip-on-collar) and Headset (Madonna) types. Corded Microphones suitable for use with Floor Stands, Desk Stands or on Lecterns are also available as are Boundary Microphones which are designed to receive sound from an area such as a boardroom table or entire room. Of course inputs from Computers, iPods, Conference Phones and practically any other audio device are also possible. Hire Intelligence carries mixing desks with up to 20 available inputs allowing up to 20 different input devices on a single Audio System.

In the case of roaming microphones, do the presenters intend to move about the room?

This is a fairly important but often overlooked question. Everyone is familiar with the “Squeal” of an Audio system. This is called “Feedback” and it is caused by sound coming out of the speakers going back in to the system via a Microphone, getting amplified and coming back out of the speakers again but this time amplified, going back into the mic where the process repeats. To avoid Feedback is simply a matter of ensuring the microphones don’t receive audio from the speakers. “Hand” type microphones are best if they do need to be used in the area in front of the speakers, they are “Directional” and designed to receive sound directionally down the end so as long as the user keeps it pointed at their face or away from the speakers, it’s not a problem. Other mic types are “Omnidirectional” and designed to receive sound from practically any direction. The best solution in this case is to educate users of mics such as the Lapel/Lavaliere type that they need to avoid moving directly in front of any nearby speakers to reduce the risk of feedback.

With answers to the above questions our sales team, with assistance from qualified audio specialist technical team, can tailor a solution to do what you need. This solution could be as simple as a small self-contained PA such as the extremely versatile Mipro MA-707 or a complex solution utilising multiple powerful speakers20 channel mixing desk and numerous wireless and wired microphones.

From there, Hire Intelligence can also provide installation, testing, support and even operation of the equipment throughout your event ensuring you get the most out of your Audio Equipment Rental Solution.

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