The Turbosound Milan M12 Active Speaker, also known as a powered speaker, will suit medium to large audio system rental applications and offers a very versatile range of features allowing it to be utilized in multiple ways. 

Output power from the integrated 1100 Watt power amplifier is impressive with 1000 Watts dedicated to driving the 12" Low Frequency driver (Speaker) and 100 Watts to drive the 1" High Freqency driver, enabling the Turbosound Milan M12 Active Speaker to deliver a maximum sound pressure level of 128 decibels, which is loud whichever way you put it.

There are two on-board inputs which utilise XLR/TS combo connectors so a pair of balanced XLR or unbalanced TS inputs can be connected at once. Inputs are individually line/mic level selectable and each has it's own volume/level control on the speaker. There is also an XLR balanced output which features controls for Bass and Treble as well as selectable Music and Speech modes and a 100Hz Low Cut Filter. This can be used to provide the audio signal to other Milan M12's or indeed other powered speakers and Audio systems.

Mounting options are also plentiful with a speaker stand mount in the base as well as 6 x M10 threaded rigging points around the speaker. The trapezoidal shape of the speaker also allows for easy use in foldback and other front of stage applications.

Hire Intelligence provides the Turbosound Milan M12 Active Speaker for rent along with a speaker stand and it can indeed be used as a standalone audio system, able to connect to a line level source such as an iPod or laptop's 3.5mm output via a Stereo 3.5mm-Dual TS or Stereo 3.5mm-Dual XLR adapter.

  • Turbosound Milan M12 Active Speaker
  • Turbosound Milan M12 Active Speaker
  • Turbosound Milan M12 Active Speaker
  • Turbosound Milan M12 Active Speaker
  • Turbosound Milan M12 Active Speaker
  • Turbosound Milan M12 Active Speaker



Turbosound Milan M12 Active Speaker

External Dimensions (WxHxD):

394x620x330mm x 20.5Kg


1100 Watt Integrated Power Amp with 1000W 12" LF and 100W 1" HF Drivers


2 x XLR/TS Combo Individually Line/Mic Selectable


Individual Input Level, Bass, Treble, Music/Speech Modes, 100Hz Low Cut Filter, LED Logo Control


Mixed output for through connecting additional audio systems


Speaker Stand, M10 Rigging Eyes

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