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The Mipro Wireless Microphone Set is available to rent in two forms - single or dual reciever. The single reciever units will support one radio mic and the dual will support two (on seperate channels). The dual reciever unit has individual balanced Mic level XLR outputs and a mixed, unbalanced 6.3mm TS output which is selectable Line/Mic level. The single reciever has balanced XLR and line/mic selectable unbalanced 6.3mm TS outputs.

Available to hire with Wireless Hand, Lapel or Headset microphones, each Mipro Wireless Microphone Set is provided with your choice of mic/mics which can all be pre programmed to any one of the 112 pre set channels and easily changed on the fly in the unlikely situation that interference or crosstalk be experienced after installation.

Lapel and Headset type microphones utilise the same beltpack type transmitter and these can be easily interchanged should an application call for it (eg when used for multiple presenters where different preferences for one or the other exist). Mic connection to the beltpack is via Mini-XLR, other sources using Mic-Level Mini XLR may be connected to the beltpack for wireless audio applications. 

Like all Mipro equipment from Hire Intelligence, the Mipro Wireless Microphone Set is provided running on the legal (6B) frequencies allocated for RF microphones in Australia.

  • Mipro Wireless Microphone Set



Mipro Wireless Microphone Set


Balanced XLR Mic per Reciever, Mixed Unbalanced 6.3mm Line/Mic Selectable


112 Preset Channels Across 11 Groups


Detacheable Rear Panel Antenna, Easy Mic programming via IR


Radio Hand, Lapel and Headset Mics

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