Which VR Ready Laptop Offers the Ultimate Graphics Performance?

On the lookout for a portable VR ready laptop offering strong graphics and gaming performance? The Dell Alienware 17 R4 gaming and virtual reality notebook is the device to take on your most demanding applications.

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At its core, the Alienware 17 R4 is a genuine gaming and VR laptop. It features all the key components you need for the ultimate gaming experience on the go. For example, it has a super comfortable keyboard with RGB lighting; a sharp quad-HD display; an industry-leading Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Dedicated Video Adapter that’s ideal for virtual reality; and, importantly, full compatibility with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive virtual reality systems, which are also available for hire at Hire Intelligence. As far as Oculus ready laptops are concerned, the Alienware 17 R4 is now right up there with the best and most popular on the market.

If top-quality gaming benchmarks are what you’re after, you’ll be sure to find them in this Dell Alienware technology. For example, you should immediately notice the high frame rate potential when playing your favourite video games.

While the Alienware 17 R4 performs like a powerful gaming unit, elements of the 17-inch device actually look and feel like a sleek and stylish classic laptop. The hardware is predominantly aluminium with soft-touch plastic throughout the deck and sides. Furthermore, it generally compares favourably on the design front to most gaming and VR alternatives. In terms of size and weight, some users might consider this model more of a desktop replacement than a notebook. However, you can definitely carry it with you between your home, office and other destinations as required.


When it comes to performance as a desktop PC, the Alienware 17 R4 is more than capable of handling your everyday computing tasks. These may include browsing the internet and working in multiple tabs simultaneously; running various applications; and using common digital work platforms like Google Docs and Microsoft Office. In addition, the Alienware 17 R4 is suitable for 3D production applications such as CAD and rendering, which adds yet another dimension to this impressive overall package.

From a specs and hardware perspective, the Alienware 17 R4 comes pre-installed with Windows 10 x64. It also has multiple connectivity ports including 3 x USB, HDMI and Thunderbolt 3, and provides 16GB RAM and 1TB hard drive size.

You will also enjoy additional features and benefits including impressive sound quality; outstanding heat management thanks to the upgraded cooling technology; and, for those who enjoy the novelty factor, Tobii infrared-camera eye-tracking functionality that allows you to move towards an object without touching your mouse when gaming.

Put it all together and you have a highly versatile VR and gaming machine to take with you anywhere.

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