Rent a Server to Get Back on Your Feet Quickly When Disaster Strikes

Rent a server to get back on your feet quicklyTime is of the essence if a disaster knocks out an in-house server, which is when renting a preconfigured server can save the day.

Between fire, flood, theft and natural disaster, there’s no shortage of threats waiting to claim your in-house servers and bring your business to its knees. Even something as simple as a burst water pipe could rain on your parade, so you need to have a plan ready to put into action.

At this point, the clock is ticking and downtime is likely costing you money – not exactly the perfect environment to be making long-term decisions about replacing a dead server. Rather than rushing into it, perhaps it’s smarter to rent a preconfigured server so you can get up and running quickly. While minimising the impact on your business and its customers, a short-time server rental also buys you time to think about your next move.

Hire Intelligence carries a wide range of servers and associated accessories from manufacturers such as HP, Dell, IBM, Sun and Oracle. They’re available to rent for terms as short as one day, helping your business get out of a tight spot. They’re also a handy option if you’re working on a short-term project or setting up a temporary office.

You’re not forced to take an off-the-shelf server solution, as it’s possible to determine the RAM and drive capacity, RAID configuration, network adapter and host bus adapter options to ensure you’ve got the right hardware to meet your exact needs.

Rented servers can even come preconfigured with Windows, Red Hat and VMware – saving you valuable time when the server arrives on site. On top of this, you can add Microsoft software such as Exchange, SQL, Forefront and Dynamics – all installed and configured prior to delivery.

Most of these servers can be configured and deployed in as little as an hour, making server rental from Hire Intelligence a valuable part of your disaster recovery and business continuity plan. When you’re planning for the worst, consider whether renting a server could help you keep the lights on in an emergency.

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