What Are People Saying About the Giant iTab?

Giant itab 3What do current users think of our latest offering?

Hire Intelligence is excited to be the exclusive Australian source for Giant iTabs. We think they’re a game changer, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Giant iTab users in the UK have been saying…


“The best tool bar none for presenting App-based technology at an event and securing visitor engagement.”

– Robert Dunsmore, Creative Director


“With the Giant iTab sited in store, this e-commerce solution sells off the Orvis website, showcasing its entire portfolio, including products, equipment and sporting adventures not previously offered in store.”

– Michael Sayers, Orvis Retail, Managing Director


“This intuitive technology is incredibly easy to use just like a giant iPhone or a giant iPad.”

– Adam Kingshott, AV Magazine


“The touchscreen display exceeded all my expectations and has really been a true crowd-pleaser. I think these make a great addition to any exhibition space.”

– Trevor Roald, QuickMobile, Manager of Industry Relations


“The Giant iTabs were the perfect solution for us to showcase our new Sportsbook app, and for allowing potential customers in our target market to use and feel the product, with added ‘wow’.”

– Jennie Prest , William Hill, Sponsorship Manager


“With more and more companies and events using apps, this solution is a no-brainer to drive business.”

– Scott Birch, Mash Media, Managing Editor Exhibition Division


“The multi-touch function of the Giant iTab changes the normal iPad experience from a personal device to a group experience.”

– Vaughn Collings, BskyB, Workplace Technology Manager


“Giant iTab has successfully taken the most significant digital innovation of today and made it 100x bigger.”

– James Morgan, Event Tech Lab


Interested in the Giant iTab?

There are two sizes available to best meet your requirements: 42-inch, and 55-inch. However, remember, they are only available via Hire Intelligence here in Australia.

Check Here for How to Use the Giant iTab

To find out how the Giant iTab could enhance your event, simply call us on 1300 655 551 or visit our website to make a booking.

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