Create Event-based Social Media Buzz with New “Foto ATM”

New “foto atm” creates event-based social media buzzNew technology continues to disrupt and reinvent long-established products and services. Hence, the next reinvention of a popular item is always just around the corner! On cue, enter Foto ATM. It’s a modern twist on the classic instant photo booth. Furthermore, it’s revamping the photograph printing industry and taking the average marketing toolkit to the next level.


So, what exactly is Foto ATM? In simple terms, it’s a traditional photo printing kiosk that’s been digitally enhanced and upgraded for the social media age. Foto ATM allows users to instantly and easily print out their Instagram, smartphone, and selfie stick photos.

Not only that, but users can also develop customisable Polaroid-style prints and, in a nod to the machine’s nostalgic credentials, take old-school photo booth pictures via the machine’s built-in camera.

In other words, if you have a bar, exhibition stand or retail store with a vibrant customer base, Foto ATM is a wonderful way to increase your foot traffic. Furthermore, you’ll create a unique and fun talking point in the process. However, those are just the offline benefits. As great as they are, the real value of Foto ATM lies in its impressive digital marketing capabilities.


Foto ATM allows businesses to harness the global popularity of the visual medium and reach new and interested audiences. With Foto ATM, a business can boost its online brand awareness through retail branded photos and custom Instagram hashtags.

Wondering what all this means for your business? First imagine you have a group of friends taking photos at your venue or event. Now imagine that your brand logo automatically appears on their final image, along with a custom hashtag highlighting a new product, feature, sale or whatever else the business might be keen to promote.

By using Foto ATM in this way, your business can rapidly grow its social media traffic. That, in turn, often leads to increased revenue down the line. Best of all, this traffic is driven by the normal, everyday actions of real customers enjoying themselves – minus the cynical staginess of many marketing campaigns.


These days, getting noticed online is more of an art than a science. In a crowded marketplace that’s already chock full of big brands, PR companies, social media influencers and everyone else vying for a slice of the ‘attention pie’, the presence of novelty hardware like Foto ATM can make all the difference.

By successfully combining the retro charm of the old-fashioned photo booth with innovative social media marketing techniques, Foto ATM is a machine that works for individuals and businesses alike.

If you want to know more about hiring Foto ATM for your next event, contact Hire Intelligence now.

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