Make a Great First Impression With an iPad Kiosk in Reception

Make a great first impression ipad kioskYour foyer and front desk are your first point of contact with new customers, so make the most of this with a strategically placed iPad to show them what you’ve got to offer.

iPads are powerful productivity tools when it’s time to get some work done, but they’re also a perfect interactive display book for showing potential customers what your business is all about. Rather than just leaving one on the front counter and hoping visitors pick it up, it’s easy to set up an iPad on a kiosk stand or benchtop mount so it catches peoples’ eyes.

Now, while they wait, people can look over your wares, browse through examples of your work, flick through your latest catalogue and read customer testimonials. You might even give them the chance to sign up for a newsletter, to capture their contact details and help establish an ongoing relationship.

If visitors are likely to have young children in tow, an iPad mounted in a rugged, secure enclosure could keep them entertained to help pass the time and ensure parents are a little less frazzled when you’re ready to meet with them.

iPads can run a multitude of apps but thankfully it’s possible to lock one to a single app, to ensure users can’t stray too far. Some iPad stands also allow space for the Lightning power cable to ensure your tablet doesn’t run flat late in the day.

For larger businesses, you might use an iPad in the foyer as a staff directory, appointment ticketing system and general information kiosk, to free up your reception staff to deal with more complex matters.

Meanwhile, your receptionists might benefit from an iPad of their own. Along with accessing business information such as the staff directory, iPads are perfect for booking appointments and processing payments while automatically sending people appointment reminders and receipts.

You can even turn an iPad into a full Point of Sale terminal complete with card reader, cash box and receipt printer – ensuring transactions are automatically logged in your finance software.

Whatever your business, if visitors spend time waiting in reception then it’s important to make the most of that time and make a great first impression. A strategically mounted iPad is the perfect way to grab their attention and show them what you’ve got to offer.

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